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Taurus Crystal Kit


During the time of the bull, April 20 through May 20, some crystals help to enhance Taurus strengths, while others work to mitigate some of its weaknesses. This starter kit comes with five crystals particularly suited to this time and to Tauruses any time of the year. Rhodonite is a powerful grounding and healing crystal for when emotional turmoil is overwhelming. Carnelian brims with life and helps overcome shyness to increase chances of success. Clear Quartz is the perfect way to ward off negative energy and bring cleansing to the soul. Citrine reflects new beginnings and the manifestation of joy. Rose Quartz is best known for its love and compassion that enhance emotional healing and reduce worry. Keep these stones near while meditating or carry them in your pockets as touchstones throughout the day.

This set includes:

5 stones and 1 info card

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