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Sagittarius Crystal Kit


This exquisite Sagittarius Crystal Kit promotes tranquility, creativity, and emotional release. This kit combines the healing properties of Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine and Blue Lace Agate. Clear Quartz is a universally cleansing stone, often known as a master healer. It amplifies the energies and properties of any stones near it. Gray tinted Smokey Quartz clears negative energy from your surroundings and helps relieve stress. Amethyst, with its light purple hue, is prized for its ability to reduce physical pain and protect against harm. Citrine balances emotions and increases creative abilities. It has a yellow-orange shade mixed with clear spots. Blue Lace Agate has a unique banded pattern in varying shades of light blue. It imparts peace and tranquility and helps aid in the vocal expression of feelings and emotions.

This set includes:

5 stones and 1 info card

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