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Pisces Crystal Kit


Embrace your inner Pisces with this crystal kit, complete with sodalite, amethyst, rhodonite, moonstone, and carnelian. Complementing the gentle side of a Pisces, the blue sodalite stone balances emotions and calms panic attacks. Because one of the weaknesses of this zodiac sign is sadness, the powerful purple amethyst helps to dispel negativity. Like a Pisces, rhodonite is considered to be a stone of compassion. It helps to activate the heart so that love can be nurtured more easily. Moonstone helps to inspire more strength and stabilize emotions. This iridescent stone can banish the fears that arise in a Pisces mind. To feed the artistic side of this water sign, the warm carnelian stone sparks creativity.

This set includes:

5 stones and 1 info card

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