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Green Aventurine Bracelet


Enhance your prosperity and luck with our green aventurine bracelet. Aventurine, a member of the quartz family, comes in various colors, green being the most popular. Green aventurine is considered to be a talisman of good fortune that brings luck to the wearer, as well as a healing stone associated with the heart, lungs and sinuses.

Polished bead bracelet made of green aventurine
Color: Ranges from light to dark green
Associated chakra: Heart chakra
Promotes prosperity and luck
Soothes emotional irritation
Enhances empathy and compassion
Aids in healing heart, lungs and sinuses

When used in a healing practice, green aventurine benefits the heart, blood pressure and circulatory system. Bring this comforting stone with you every day with the green aventurine bracelet.

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