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Gemini Crystal Kit


This Gemini Crystal Kit is ideal for anyone born under the Gemini zodiac sign. This kit combines the healing properties of Citrine, Howlite, Moonstone, Emerald and Clear Quartz to increase balance, calmness and creativity. Honey-hued Citrine stimulates creative energy and provides emotional balance. Howlite is a calming stone and eases an overactive mind. It also teaches patience and eliminates rage. This stone is white with a delicate gray web pattern. Light gray Moonstone releases tension and stress while promoting inner healing and emotional strength. Emerald, with its green color and dark veins, stimulates emotional healing and encourages loyalty in relationships. Clear Quartz, also known as a master healer, is a universally cleansing stone. It amplifies energy and will increase the effects of the other stones in this collection.

This set includes:

5 stones and 1 info card

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