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Carnelian Bracelet (8mm)

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A stone associated with leadership and courage, carnelian is a semi-precious gem that is a variety of chalcedony. With intense coloring of crimson, orange and vermilion, this stone carries the glow of fire within its core. Wear our carnelian bracelet whenever you need a boost of stability or motivation.

Bracelet features round, polished beads made of carnelian
Typical colors: Crimson, orange, vermilion or yellow
Boosts motivation
Promotes leadership and courage
Associated chakras: Base and sacral
Clarifies perception
Sharpens concentration

When used in a healing practice, carnelian promotes good circulation to the organs and tissues. It helps treat issues with the lower back and aids sacral chakra work. Whenever you need a boost of physical and mental stability, the carnelian bracelet is the ideal choice.

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