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Capricorn Crystal Kit


Embrace this earthy zodiac with this crystal kit, complete with smokey quartz, garnet, sodalite, howlite and carnelian. The combination of these stones keeps you grounded like a Capricorn. Smokey quartz protects you from negative energy and promotes mind tranquility. For commitment, garnet enhances your relationships by revitalizing devotion, trust, honesty and sexuality. Find your inner truth with sodalite. This stone strengthens your self-confidence and also helps you to find truth in any situation, making it easier to learn new things. To further ground you, howlite promotes patience, soothes your frantic emotions and even eases muscle tension. As a stabilizing stone, carnelian maintains motivation, helping you to make positive choices and realize your dreams in life. In addition to all these benefits, every crystal in this kit promotes health and vitality.

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