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Cancer Crystal Kit


This Cancer Crystal Kit combines the healing properties of Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Ocean Jasper, Hematite and Red Jasper. This collection promotes grounding, strength and positivity, and is perfect for anyone born under the Cancer zodiac sign. Moonstone is a calming stone and encourages emotional strength. It has a light gray hue with wispy white swirls. Rose Quartz, with its pale pink tint, opens and purifies the heart while promoting universal love. Ocean Jasper has a unique speckled appearance with varying shades of gray. This stone is known for its ability to release negative energy and promote optimism and hope. Hematite will keep you grounded and connected to the earth. It has a dark silver-gray color that shines brilliantly. Red Jasper, with its bold, earthy-red tone promotes strength, courage and stamina.

This set includes:

5 stones and 1 info card

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