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Black Tourmaline Necklace (Gold Chain)

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Associated with protection, grounding and cleansing, tourmaline is a crystal formed by hydrothermal activity. Our black tourmaline necklace, worn next to the skin, will imbue you with a positive energy thanks to its ionic and magnetic properties. It’s a stone capable of absorbing and storing energy for later use, and for this reason, is a useful tool for rituals and other healing therapies.

Each of our raw black tourmaline specimens is unique, often featuring a grain-like pattern that runs the length or width of the stone, depending on how it is cut. It hangs from a delicate gold-tone chain that complements the deep ebony color of the tourmaline. Give yourself or a loved one a boost of love and luck with this necklace that will look good with your everyday outfits or a night on the town.

Benefits and Uses of Tourmaline:

  • Neutralizes negative energy
  • Protects from harm
  • Calms anxiety
  • Grounds the mind
  • Cleanses the aura
  • Encourages positivity

When used in conjunction with a meditation practice, tourmaline is beneficial to the Root Chakra, offering grounding and support. This powerful, pyroelectric mineral aids with the transmission of energy, especially when heated. It is an excellent choice for balancing flow and achieving tranquility.

The first known use of tourmaline dates back to approximately 1400 B.C. It was discovered in Germany, and significant deposits were also found in North America, Russia, India and Africa. Ancient cultures were thought to have used the stone as protection against demons and the “evil eye.” Alchemists prized tourmaline as a path to enlightenment and even believed it could transmute other metals into gold.

Crystal work can complement conventional medicine and is part of a holistic plan that addresses the entire body and mind. At My Fair Eden, we’re happy to help you find the right stones to address your concerns. Learn more about the meaning of crystals and their uses on our blog.

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