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Black Obsidian Bracelet


Considered to be a powerful psychic protector, this black obsidian bracelet is a popular talisman to shield against negativity. An igneous rock formed out of fast-flowing, rapidly cooling volcanic lava, obsidian has a glassy luster and lively energy that helps elucidate thoughts and ideas. This clarity can help define your wants, dreams and passions. Obsidian is also thought to be truth-enhancing and is prized for its ability to dissipate mental stress and tension. It is associated with the base chakra and imparts a powerful rooting energy when used with meditation.

This bracelet of highly polished black obsidian beads offers grounding support and a tactile reminder of the protection it imparts. Give yourself or a loved one a boost of clarity and positive energy with this bracelet that will look good with your everyday outfits or a night on the town.

Benefits and Uses of Black Obsidian:

  • Cleanses the aura
  • Enhances mental clarity
  • Offers a grounding energy
  • Breaks negative attachments
  • Shields against negativity
  • Provides psychic protection

When used in a healing practice, obsidian warms the extremities and detoxifies the body. It promotes healthy digestion and is helpful to those with issues surrounding the gall bladder. It is associated with fulfillment, transformation and purification of the body.

One of the earliest known substances used for tools and weapons, obsidian was a highly valued commodity in Native American culture because of its ability to provide extremely sharp edges when broken. Ancient Greeks made use of its reflective surface for mirrors, and other ancient cultures like the Aztecs often used it in ornaments and jewelry.

Crystal work can complement conventional medicine and is part of a holistic plan that addresses the entire body and mind. At My Fair Eden, we’re happy to help you find the right stones to address your concerns. Learn more about the meaning of crystals and their uses on our blog.

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