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Aquamarine Bracelet (6mm)


Aquamarine, the stone of courage, is a semi-precious gem that also promotes serenity and calm. Our aquamarine bracelet is made of smooth, polished beads of a soothing green-blue color that imbues the wearer with a sense of deep inner strength. This stone is also considered to increase emotional sensitivity.

Highly polished bead bracelet made of semi-precious aquamarine
Color: Ranges from pale to medium blue-green
Associated chakra: Throat chakra
Promotes peace and tranquility
Enhances courage and inner strength
Aligns chakras
Opens intuition
Clears confusion

When used in a healing practice, aquamarine is highly protective for expecting mothers and discourages miscarriage. It promotes healthy thyroid function and is an all around cleansing and healing stone.

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