Crystal Meanings and Their Uses

Crystals and gemstones are so much more than pieces of rock. When used properly, they can contribute to the overall health of your body, mind and soul. Crystals and their meanings are based on their composition and shape. By understanding the meanings of different types of crystals, you can better harness their power and integrate their use into your life.

Crystal Composition

The use of crystals vary based on the type of stone you choose. Each one has a unique chemical composition that impacts its powers and uses as much as its appearance. They are, quite literally, subjected to the heat, intensity and power of the earth as they take shape. This results in a huge amount of natural energy being transferred to them.

Crystal Shapes

  • Points and wands come to a chiseled point at one or both ends. Their shape makes them excellent energy transmitters, so they are often used in healing.
  • Geodes are hollow chunks of rock that are filled with crystals. In addition to being attractive to look at, the unique arrangement of crystals jutting toward each other amplifies energy frequencies.
  • Clusters are similar to geodes, but they do not necessarily form within a hollow circular space.
  • Slices can be taken out of larger crystals. These expose the unique light-bending qualities of stones. Their thin profile makes it easy to carry or display crystal slices.
  • Rough or raw crystals appear just as they are found in nature. They may have rough or smooth edges. Raw stones can be shaped and polished into special shapes.

Finding the Right Crystals

The right crystal for you will vary depending on your intentions, your spirit and your needs. What helps and heals one day may not be suited to the next. Myfaireden can help you find the right crystal to address your concerns. Contact us by emailing to learn more.