Where To Find Healing Crystal Shops Near Me in Canada

Crystal shops near me in Canada

If you have been exposed to healing crystals or crystal jewelry, you may catch yourself wondering what the big deal is. How can crystals impact your life? Before you put “crystal shops near me in Canada” into the Google search bar, it helps to understand the point of crystals.

Crystals may connect you with the Earth. They have been a part of the planet forever, so when you have a crystal, you have a unique work of art directly from Mother Nature. Healing crystals may provide healing, balance, peace and positivity. If you’re interested in healing stones, you not only need to know what type of crystals may help, but you need to know where to purchase them. Fortunately, there are crystal shops throughout Canada that ship all over the country.

Choosing the Crystals for You

While crystals are beautiful, they do much more than look pretty on a shelf. Crystals have unique properties to be used for healing. Whether you’re new to crystals or a seasoned collector, the journey to finding the right gemstones may be overwhelming. After all, there are thousands of choices with different energies, structures and colors.

Before Googling “crystals near me,” learn more about what you’re looking for.

What Are Your Intentions?

As you learn about crystals, you may find that they can change your energy in various ways. When choosing which to add to your collection, consider what you’re interested in. Different crystals may align with intentions of protection, self-development or general well-being.

What Is Your Zodiac Sign?

Another way to choose crystals is to think about your zodiac sign. There are 12 signs and one is linked to your birthdate. If you do not have a focus, you may choose crystals based on your sign. The following are gemstones associated with different zodiac signs:

  • Aquarius: Turquoise, amethyst, garnet and opal
  • Pisces: Sapphire, angelite, aquamarine and amethyst
  • Aries: Bloodstone, citrine, carnelian and green jasper
  • Taurus: Jade, malachite, amber and dioptase
  • Gemini: Agate, dalmatian stone, celestite and howlite
  • Cancer: Pearl, moonstone, emerald and red jasper
  • Leo: Carnelian, onyx, pyrite and golden topaz
  • Virgo: peridot, green jade, blue tourmaline and moss agate
  • Libra: Peridot, sodalite, opal and tourmaline
  • Scorpio: Smoky quartz, malachite, aquamarine, rhodochrosite and topaz
  • Sagittarius: Tiger’s eye, turquoise, topaz and sodalite
  • Capricorn: Malachite, flourite and garnet

All gemstones may support your intention and there is no such thing as a bad choice. When you become overwhelmed, use your intuition. When looking at pictures or holding crystals in your hand, try to feel their energy. Do the gems provide you with a sense of knowing? Can you feel their vibrations? If you feel drawn to a stone, this may be a sign that you should bring that one home.

Purchasing From the Internet or Physical Shop

As you search for “crystal shops near me,” you do not necessarily have to find a brick-and-mortar shop. When it comes to finding the right crystal, you can use a mix of online and in-person methods. When you shop online, you have access to a wider variety of stones. You have a higher likelihood of finding rarer stones.

The main downfall of online shopping is the inability to hold a crystal. You do not have to hold the crystal, however, to trust your intuition. While you can choose based on a picture, photos do not always represent the stone’s true color, size or essence.

When you shop in person, you can touch the stones and let your senses do most of the work. To find crystals that fit your intentions and that suit your collection, try to mix both methods.

Searching for “Crystal Shops Near Me”

When looking for crystals, it is important to find shops that are close to you or that ship throughout Canada. The shop you choose should have positive and warm energy. If you are drawn to a store and the crystals within, you are more likely to find the stones that are aligned with you.

The following are some of the best physical and online shops throughout Canada.


Myfaireden is a crystal shop based out of Canada. Its main drive is to create a haven full of the best healing crystals. Whether you are a beginner with gemstones or a seasoned professional, Myfaireden seeks to improve clients’ lives.

All of Myfaireden’s stones are given respect and each has a direct intention and purpose. Crystal products from Myfaireden include crystal bracelets, necklaces, distance bracelets, wrap bracelets, chakra, crystal points, diffusers, malas and mandala tapestries.

Happy Soul

Happy Soul is a shop based in Toronto. The intention behind the shop is to assist those in following their dreams and guiding them in using crystals and spiritual tools. It is a metaphysical supply store that ethically sources all items, including high quality moldavite. Happy Soul has almost 300 different types of crystals.

The Whispering Tree

The Whispering Tree is located in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The shop offers holistic-minded and metaphysical merchandise. There is a wide range of products meant to honor different spiritual practices. At the store, people sometimes gather for healing workshops and learning experiences to gain more knowledge about the metaphysical properties in the world. Stones may be purchased in-store and online.

Jacob’s Trading Ye Olde Rock Shop

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Jacob’s Trading Ye Olde Rock Shop is a family-owned crystal shop. Its specialty is healing crystals, polished stones, metaphysical tools, gemstone beads and more. The store collects beautiful crystals from around the world. With decades in the business, the business owners have extensive knowledge of geology. They strive to ensure that their crystals come from ethical and reputable businesses.

Brassy Lassy

Brassy Lassy is located in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The store opened in 2015 to have a space where people would feel connected and at peace. When it comes to crystals, the shop owner understands the meanings attached to various stones to better supply the correct stones to people during different times in their lives. Brassy Lassy believes that metaphysical items can help people in their daily lives and provide polished and raw crystals, along with clusters, pendants and more.

Mermaid & Moon Boutique

Mermaid & Moon Boutique is in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. This artisan boutique sells crystals, gems, clothing, art, jewelry, accessories and more. It is a shop and an art gallery full of local artwork. It also contains artisanal products and Canadian-made brands. When it comes to crystals and gemstones, Mermaid & Moon Boutique has the largest selection in Yellowknife.

Into the Mystic

Into the Mystic is based in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. If you’re interested in metaphysical and new age products, Into the Mystic offers regular readings, herb mixes, oil mixes, gemstones, zodiac jewelry, essential oil diffusers, sage, incense and more. Not only does Into the Mystic have a shop for physical guests, but it also has an online store full of different items.

The Rock Store

Located in Toronto, Ontario, the Rock Store has various crystals, minerals, jewelry, books, art, gift sets and more. The Rock Store not only sells stones but is also a healing center. It is a sacred place for those who live in the Toronto area to gather. In addition to purchasing retail items, the Rock Store also provides Reiki treatments, signature classes, certification programs in Reiki, Tarot and Astrology and intuitive readings. The Rock Store’s team is interested in their own journey and the journeys of their clientele.

Liberate Your True Self

Liberate Your True Self provides shipping throughout Canada. The shop believes in the importance of healing crystals and gemstones and provides high-quality items, such as crystals and jewelry, to clientele. Liberate Your True Self has an extensive collection to shop through online, but you can also visit the in-person shop located in Port Moody, British Columbia.

Divine Clarity

Divine Clarity was founded in 2007 and continues to run as a family business. The shop provides various gemstones, crystals, wands, stone kits, oracle cards, jewelry, incense, and more. Not only can you purchase stones that speak to you and that will help heal you, but the Divine Clarity Spiritual Center offers a teaching studio that can house up to 50 people. Divine Clarity believes that science and spirituality can exist together. For purchases, clientele can choose to go to the brick-and-mortar store or check the online shop.

Dragon Moon

Dragon Moon opened in 2003 and is the longest-running online crystal shop. At Dragon Moon, you not only find crystals, but you can find fantasy giftware, such as dragons. If you love crystals and love incense, new age books, sage, candles, and more, you may be interested in what Dragon Moon offers. Based out of Pincher Creek, Alberta, Dragon Moon provides free shipping throughout Canada, as long as your orders are over $180.

Nan’s Rock Shop

Nan’s Rock Shop is located in Wilmot, Nova Scotia. The store has a wide variety of crystals and jewelry with different colors and energy benefits. Crystal jewelry can be an expression of the Earth or be used for therapy and healing. The shop prides itself on being a unique country shop. If there are metaphysical gifts or gemstones that you do not see at the store or on the website, you can always request new items. There may be items not on the online store or items that can easily be ordered by the owner of the shop.

Mountain Aura Crystals

Mountain Aura is a small business based in Martensville, Saskatchewan. This shop has a large inventory of crystals and gems, but the inventory is typically sourced from small businesses worldwide. For orders over $150, clients receive free shipping. Anything below $150 has a flat rate of $15 a parcel. If you are from the Saskatoon area, you may be able to pick up your stones.

Learning To Shop Ethically

When looking for gemstones or crystals, you need to think about whether your stones are ethically sourced. When looking for stones, most people want crystals that are capable of healing or protecting them. If you support a business that harms the planet or had a dark origin story, how can you be sure that you’re receiving only good vibes from the stones? You do not want to receive stones with a history of environmental pollution, dangerous working conditions or child labor.

You should not support businesses that receive their gemstones on the backs of other people. Industry exploits vulnerable and marginalized people. Sometimes the conditions are dangerous and miners may have little safety equipment. Some mining operations leave a huge carbon footprint and are responsible for contaminating the waterways and air.

Purchasing gemstones does not mean supporting businesses that have a negative impact on the planet. Look for companies who understand the problem with unethical shops and do their best only to support ethical sources. Ethical gemstones may include those mined by workers who receive a fair, living wage and do not have to work in dangerous or unstable conditions. Likewise, people should not be displaced for the sake of a crystal mine. You should also care about the planet and those affected by gemstone or crystal mining to care about yourself. Shopping ethically can reduce your carbon footprint.

Seeking Empowerment With Myfaireden

Whenever you search for a “crystal shop near me,” you need to know you’re finding companies with reliable shipping. At Myfaireden, crystals ship from Canada. Choosing your own crystal can feel empowering. After all, it can open you up to an entirely new spiritual world. Once you know your intention, it may be easier to find the crystal types that best suit you. When choosing crystals, make sure to do your research and look for gems that speak to you on various levels. Even if you think that one crystal is prettier than another, you should choose the one that speaks to you.

Searching for “crystals near me” has never been easier. If you’re in Canada and looking for a shop that ships directly to your home, look no further than Myfaireden. Contact Myfaireden today to find out if the shop has the tools, gems and gifts to help you on your spiritual journey.