Where to Buy Real Moldavite: Don’t Get Fooled

Photo of real moldavite

Moldavite is a beautiful stone to have in your collection but, like many other semi-precious and precious stones, there are businesses out there trying to pass off fakes as the real thing. You need to be cautious where you buy your moldavite from to ensure you get real moldavite, not a fake. So, how do you tell if the moldavite you’re looking at is real or fake, and which stores can you trust? Read on to learn how to tell the difference and see our list of trusted moldavite sellers.

What is Moldavite?

To tell if moldavite is real or fake, you need to know where it comes from. Moldavite is a stone that is the result of a meteorite strike in the region that is now the Czech Republic about 15 million years ago. It’s a natural form of glass formed by the impact.

How Do I Tell if the Moldavite I Buy is Real or Fake?

Here’s what you need to look for:

  1. Real moldavite is always green, though the hues vary. If you’re looking at a piece of moldavite that’s a different color, it’s fake or something else being passed off as moldavite.

  2. Moldavite doesn’t have a uniform texture. It may be smooth, lumpy, cratered, or a mixture, but they rarely have a uniform texture across the entire stone.

  3. Moldavite is not symmetrical. Moldavite comes in a variety of shapes, but if you find a piece that is too symmetrical, it’s probably not real. Under a microscope, you can see small air bubbles and wavy lines in the stone. These wavy lines are the result of sand particles melting when the stone is formed.

  4. It’s not cheap. This isn’t necessarily a good sign of whether a stone is real or not, but moldavite is the only meteorite included as a gemstone and doesn’t come cheap. Of course, there are people trying to pass off fake moldavite for a high price, but if moldavite is at a price you think is too good to be true, it probably is.

  5. Moldavite only comes from the Czech Republic. If you’re looking at moldavite called “African moldavite” or “Chinese moldavite”, it is not genuine moldavite.

  6. Moldavite is a relatively dull stone. Moldavite is essentially naturally-formed glass, so it’s not going to be shiny and smooth. Real moldavite looks like it has been formed in a high-pressure event, with a rough texture and a dense, dull color.

When Buying, Should Moldavite Come with a Certificate?

You may see sellers online offering moldavite with a Certificate of Authenticity to validate the stone. While this is a nice idea, these certificates aren’t real and have no authority, and are created by the company to try and legitimize their moldavite for cautious buyers. Their moldavite may well be real, but you should always discount these certificates when thinking about whether a stone is real or fake.  

Is There a Scientific Way to Tell if Moldavite is Real?

You can know with 100% certainty if a stone is real or not by getting it tested in a laboratory.

Where Can I Buy Real Moldavite?

Here are some of the stores we recommend for selling real moldavite stones:

Satin Crystals

Satin Crystals has been selling moldavite and other crystals for 20 years, and one of the founders of the business lived in the area where moldavite comes from for many years, and so has strong ties with people in the moldavite trade. They sell raw stones as well as moldavite jewelry.


Gemexi has been selling handcrafted jewelry and loose stones since 1973, and they sell a wide range of moldavite jewelry in their signature style.

Inner Vision Crystals

Inner Vision Crystals has been selling genuine moldavite since 2006 and have a large range of different styles of jewelry and stones. Inner Vision Crystals guarantee that their stones will stand up to lab testing. See their range here.

The Rock Store

The Rock Store sells high-quality stone jewelry out of Canada, including beautiful moldavite pieces. See their range here. 

Happy Soul Online

Happy Soul Online is one of the best options if you are looking for moldavite pieces to do energy work because they sell them in sets with other complementary stones and tools. They also sell a wide range of moldavite jewelry and raw stones.


For polished and shaped moldavite loose stones, GemPundit offers one of the best ranges out there, as well as a range of natural stones. Each stone has an individual listing so you can fully examine a stone before you choose to buy. See their range here.

Moldavite Family

Moldavite Family focuses on all things moldavite and has a huge range of genuine moldavite products on offer. From raw stones to cut jewelry and stone carvings, you aren’t short for choice on options here. See their range here.

Magic Crystals

Magic Crystals has only recently added moldavite to their range, but their range of authentic natural loose stones and natural-style jewelry pieces are worth looking at.

What Determines the Price of Moldavite?

As with all other precious and semi-precious stones, the value of moldavite depends on the quality of the stone and the size. Gem-quality moldavite is brittle (like glass) and has to be worked with carefully, which is why cut stones are often the most expensive options. Moldavite can be scratched, just like manmade glass, so using it for jewelry like rings can be risky. Moldavite will be rated in carats, like other stones, so many quality moldavite sellers will include the carat value of a piece of moldavite on a product listing. Deep, pure green shades are generally the most popular, so that will also impact the price.

What Meaning Does Moldavite Have?

Moldavite is a stone that helps people reach a higher level of vibration and reach cosmic levels of love, happiness, and peace. Moldavite literally came from the stars, so it’s used by many to help them find love, abundance, and to help them reach a deeper level of meditation with a high-level view – it’s perfect for vision work. For that same reason, it is touted as one of the best stones to use for astral travel. Moldavite works with the heart chakra.

How Should I Use Moldavite?

Moldavite is particularly beneficial for:

  • Meditation & Astral Travel: Moldavite comes from space so it helps people move above this earthly plane. This can be used for vision work, to connect with spirits, leave day-to-day stress behind, and connect more deeply with your higher self. Many people also use it for channeling.

  • Heal & Open the Heart Chakra: Moldavite connects with the heart chakra and helps to activate and open it. If you’ve felt closed off and unwilling to open up to people, wear moldavite around your so the pendant rests above your heart. It’s perfect for singles and those who feel their relationship has lost some of its shine, as it helps you reach cosmic levels of love.

  • Protection & Wealth: Moldavite helps you connect with your spirit guides and higher self, which can provide you with a level of protection as you go about your life. For this reason, wear your moldavite as jewelry or keep a piece in your pocket or purse. The deep green also connects with universal wealth, helping you to open yourself to new flows of abundance, especially in a monetary form.

  • For Feng Shui: Moldavite is a beautiful stone with an incredible story, and it’s a beautiful stone to display, whether you’re interested in its energetic properties or not. It’s ideal for positive Feng Shui, especially for home offices, living spaces, and bedrooms. For protection, place a piece near your front and back door.

How Should I Care for Real Moldavite?

For general wear-and-tear, moldavite is a hardwearing stone chemically (it would have to be to survive 15 million years!), but it’s best to give it a rinse from time to time to remove body oils and perfumes from the surface. To cleanse your moldavite energetically, place it out in the moonlight, bathe in moon water, let it sit under running water.

The biggest concern with moldavite is if you buy a cut stone as it is essentially glass and can scratch, so avoid wearing moldavite jewelry if you’re going to be working with your hands or doing anything else physical that may result in your jewelry getting scratched.

If you have raw moldavite, store it wrapped in a cloth to prevent it from rubbing against your “harder” stones that may cause the surface of the moldavite to get scratched.

Moldavite is a beautiful unique stone to add to your collection, but you need to be careful about where you purchase it from. Beware of buying from listings where you are unable to see the individual stone and look for the markers of real moldavite we talked through at the beginning of this article.

However, when you buy the right, genuine piece, you’ll be able to elevate your meditations and energy work and reach a higher level of interaction with your spirit guides.