What Are the 10 Best Online Crystal Shops in Canada?

Variety of healing crystals and semiprecious stones

Crystal use dates at least as far back as the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians. In modern times, they are found as elements of home décor or utilized to assist in meditation, reiki healing and prayer. Crystals appeal to a wide range of people. While some appreciate the precious stones for their aesthetics and color, others are drawn to the healing or spiritual support they provide.

Whether you seek a new crystal to add to your collection or are purchasing one for the first time, you want to be certain that what you get is a high-quality product, regardless of your purpose for buying. Today, buying online is the option most people prefer, and it’s important to be able to find what you are looking for when you need or want it. For these reasons, I’ve decided to put together a list of the best places to buy crystals online in Canada. I have listed them alphabetically for ease of reference.

1. Crystal Dreams

Crystal Dreams is based out of Montreal. Its website helpfully provides information in English and in French. There are two physical stores in addition to its online shop. The stated mission is to raise awareness about the ability of crystals and other natural products to improve wellness and spirituality. This crystal and gem shop inspects its products for quality and guarantees customer satisfaction. It has a large inventory and offers free shipping for purchases over CAD $100.

2. The Crystal Man

The Crystal Man operates out of British Columbia. The company has been in operation since 1989. It provides a vast array of products, selling both unique items as well as bulk orders for common goods. In addition to crystals, the shop also offers minerals, fossils and jewelry. It also has a section of its website geared towards kids!

3. Dragon Moon

Dragon Moon calls the Alberta Province home. It offers crystal products ranging from grids and wands to shaped figurines. In addition to crystals, the online store also sells books, candles and essential oils, along with a few other categories of items. It offers half-priced shipping on orders over CAD $90 and free shipping for orders over CAD $160.

4. Happy Soul

In addition to an online shop, the Happy Soul has a physical store in Toronto. This company strives for ethically sourced crystals. It also has an online academy for crystal and tarot workshops. The stated focus for this company is to raise its customers’ vibrations through education and with its products. The shop also sells real moldavite.

5. House of Energy

The House of Energy has a home base in Toronto. This company has a physical store in addition to its online shop. Its crystal offerings include points and rough stones. It also carries shungite products and powder. The company carries a wide array of products geared towards spiritual health and wellbeing. In addition to goods, it also offers tarot readings and Kambo ritual information. Canadian shoppers get free shipping when they purchase over CAD $199 in products.

6. Little Box of Rocks

Little Box of Rocks specializes in creating gift “bouquets,” which are themed boxes for occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and thank you and appreciation gifts. These simple, but well-crafted, little wooden boxes typically contain four types of crystals or stones and, sometimes, one other product. The company’s goal is to inspire with healing crystals. In addition to its unique, signature boxes, it also sells healing crystal jewelry and self-care products.

7. Myfaireden

Our shop, Myfaireden, focuses on providing high-quality healing crystals. The power of crystals in the healing process comes from their ability to assist in aligning the body’s energy, or chi. We sell crystals that work particularly well with the chakra system. Our primary crystal product is the wand because of its ability to focus the crystal’s energy as well as draw negative energy out of the body. Our crystals provide a natural way to reduce stress, increase positive energy and enhance overall wellbeing. We also sell healing crystal jewelry and mandala tapestries. Myfairden’s mission is to share the means to obtaining self-love and spiritual healing through crystals.  

8. Stonebridge Imports

A look at Stonebridge Imports’ website quickly reveals a shop dedicated to offering a wide assortment of crystal and stone products. The company has a physical shop in Kitchener, ON, in addition to its online store. For those interested in home décor, this business has numerous choices to select from. When shopping for crystals, you can narrow your options by filtering for type, origin, price and physical characteristics.

9. Wicked Stones

Wicked Stones operates out of northern Ontario and has been doing so since the late 1990s. Its online site is organized to help you shop by intention. If you are looking for crystals to improve your energy and strength, a link is provided to help you navigate directly to its selection of products aimed at doing just that. There are a total of eight intentions to choose from. You also have the option of browsing in the traditional manner, by product type. The business has an assortment of crystals as well as healing and pewter jewelry.

10. Ye Olde Rock Shop

Another family-owned business is Ye Olde Rock Shop, based in Manitoba. The company supplies healing crystals in raw form as well as polished rocks. It also sells jewelry and supplies to make your own. You can peruse this shop’s crystals by filtering for type or healing quality. In addition to crystals, the company sells metaphysical tools and gifts, such as books and smudge, incense and oil products. It offers free shipping to Canadian customers for any orders over CAD $75.

Canadians looking to buy crystals have several options available to them. The choices vary tremendously in terms of products offered and the mission or intent of the business. Some places opt to provide their customers with as many products as possible, while others choose to specialize in one particular area, such as chakra healing. Choosing the best place for you depends in large part upon what your own personal intent is in buying crystals.