Understanding the Selenite Crystal and All Its Powers

Healing crystals with selenite wand

Have you ever heard of purification crystals? These stones amplify the power of other crystals, and the chief among them is selenite. This typically orange or white gemstone can unlock your highest chakras and cleanse your soul. So much history resonates within this stone. Beyond merely knowing how to use selenite, crystal users should become familiar with its properties and abilities. This crystal can push even beginners to achieve balance with their crown chakras and third eye. However, before diving into the beauty and capabilities of this powerful purification stone, it is necessary to understand its origins.

Learn the Story of Selenite

Understanding the selenite meaning is about understanding the history of the stone. The crystal is named after the moon goddess Selene, and it is said to be the crystal God used to create life. Many believers say that when God breathed divine light into the world, the light shattered and formed the crystals known as selenite. People even suggest that when you use the stone, you may see remnants of that divine light. However, the principal purpose of the stone is to strengthen your memory and guide you to your destiny.

Remember the Self-Cleansing Properties of the Crystal

One of the unique selenite properties is that this crystal is water-soluble and self-cleansing. Most users of healing crystals know that you need to clean them, but doing so with this stone could ruin it and is generally unnecessary. Selenite is considered self-cleansing. While other crystals need to be cleaned because they absorb negative energy, selenite is unique. As the crystal was formed of divine light, the evil energy it consumes is ejected upwards toward the heavens. The natural cleaning properties of selenite also make it ideal for freeing your mind of negativity, keeping your spirit and chakras lightweight and serene.

Gain Insight With the Selene Stone

The selenite crystal opens the crown chakra of the user, and this activation helps to raise your level of insight and intuition. Many users of this healing stone claim to hear their inner voice more clearly, allowing them to understand their environment and even have premonitions about potential hazards. It is the unlocking of the third-eye chakra that enables foresight and psychic protection powers. There are different techniques and practices for unlocking both your crown chakra and third-eye chakra with the selenite crystal.

Unleash the Psychic Abilities of the Crown Chakra

Gypsum crystals such as selenite activate the psychic abilities of the crown chakra. When you bond with your stone, you may receive messages from the spirits and beings of other realms or find it easier to hear your subconscious thoughts. Many people believe that the selenite crystal can give direction and guidance by providing a connection to other beings and even to your self.

Improve Spirit Welcoming Rituals

As the selenite crystal contributes to psychic abilities and spiritual communication, the stone can also help with spirit welcoming rituals. Many people believe that you need a particular throat chakra stone to communicate with spirits, but the selenite crystal can work too. All users need to do is place the stone on their throat before beginning the ritual. Essentially, a selenite crystal heightens your psychic and spiritual awareness, allowing you to share your reality with other entities and their energies.

Cleanse Your Space and Body With Selenite

While this crystal can miraculously cleanse itself, it is also used to purify places and people. The gypsum crystal absorbs all the negativity of your life and environment, expelling it away from you. Are you held down by electromagnetic stress or heavy traffic? Do you have any concerns weighing heavily on you and distracting you from the joy of life? A selenite crystal, with its healing and absorbing abilities, can purify your life.

Get The Full Benefit of a Moon Cleanse With a Selenite Wand

Did you know that during a full moon, the earth is filled with powerful energies cast down from the moon? These energies can energize you and make you feel brand new. However, not everyone experiences the full benefit of these cleanses. They need help. A selenite wand can soak up these positive energies, storing them and making you feel refreshed and energized. Rituals using a selenite wand, performed during a full moon, are effective because selenite, being the Selene stone, holds the powers of the moon goddess Selene.

Cleanse Your Spirit of Karmic Debts

Past lives haunt the present. Karmic energy must repay its debts. If you did something terrible in a previous life, then it may have negative repercussions during your current lifetime. However, if you use a selenite crystal, you can free yourself of your karmic debts. The crystal will guide you toward penance and renewal and help you find a fresh perspective in this life.

Use Selenite for Good Luck and Prosperity

Beyond the cleansing abilities of this crystal, selenite is also used for prosperity and good luck. While most crystal users think of citrine for good luck, selenite can promote fortune indirectly by removing obstacles and negative energy from your life. It guides you to your true path, which means the stone helps you find an abundance of prosperity existing in your life. Do not misunderstand. Selenite is not a magic stone. It will not grant your wishes or make money appear in your hand. Instead, the divine light of this crystal makes it easier for you to see a path to your future, free of obstacles and confusion. The selenite crystal is among the most powerful of the purifying crystals, and its origin story is bathed in divine light. If you are looking for a little clarity in your life or a little peace, consider finding or buying a selenite crystal. You can purchase these gypsum stones in different forms, from wands to lamps. The primary aim is to find the right piece that speaks to you and your crown and third-eye chakras. Consider talking to a dealer of healing crystals if you would like more information on this and other purification crystals.