The Power of Moonstone and Its Healing Properties

Moonstone bracelet in wooden jewelry box

Linked to the ancient fascination with the moon, moonstone is an empowering and unique stone that represents new beginnings. It provides intense inner growth and strength that leaves those who utilize it feeling entirely calm, intuitive, and inspired. People who call on their moonstone crystal are unlocking their inner spirit, channeling the moonbeam light to provide personal balance and harmony through its healing properties.

Moonstone Origins

The moonstone is part of the feldspar’s mineral family. It can be found colorless or in numerous vibrancies such as peach, pink, gray, green, brown, yellow, and blue. These stones are mined all across the globe, such as the United States, Australia, Brazil, Norway, Myanmar, Germany, and Madagascar.

One of the most valued moonstones comes from Sri Lanka and India. This is because these stones are rare and can only be found in those said locations. For example, India is famous for its rainbow moonstones.  Furthermore, some of the most sought out moonstones come from the Switzerland’s Adula Mountains.

Moonstone Meaning

Associated with the ancient Greek moon goddess, Hecate, moonstone is known as a protective gem that gives off gleaming white energy. It has a deeply rooted ancient meaning going back to the creation of the moon itself. Its purpose lies within its energy that can nourish, promote passion, and illuminate inner strengths to guide your personal pathways. Working with the moon, moonstones can evoke tranquility and reenergize your mind and body to rid yourself of negative energy.

Healing Properties of Moonstones

The healing properties that moonstones provide are substantial. For example, moonstone is said to boost fertility. It works with the moon’s ebb and flow and can assist with balancing hormonal shifts during the moon phases. From Mind, body, and spirit, you can gain immense benefits.

Body Healing  

Moonstone has been said to help regulate water retention, improve your digestive system, enhance your reproductive system, rid your body of toxins, assimilate nutrients, prevent sleepwalking and insomnia, and is perfect for attuning your biorhythmic clock.

Mind and Emotional Healing

Moonstone is excellent for helping you sort through your emotions and gaining clear perspectives on your purpose in life. It increases your patience levels, enables you to release frustration safely, and calms your adverse reactions to emotional triggers.

Spiritual Healing

As the stone of reflection, moonstone can be a powerful resource to induce self-observation and partake in self-improvements that will promote spiritual growth. It enhances your psychic awareness and leverages your intuition to access your Clair Senses.

Types of Moonstone

Though, in general, moonstone offers intense healing properties, there are different types that are stronger in certain areas than others.  Based on the outcomes you desire, you should go with your respected stone to get your ideal results.

Cat’s Eye Moonstone

Owning this moonstone will give you maximum mind clarity and promote excellent inner vision. You will feel much more focused and have a heightened state of awareness.

Grey Moonstone

This one will help you navigate to unseen realms within yourself. It is also known as the New Moon Stone and carries both mystery and energy to bring creativity into light.

Peach Moonstone

 If you are going for love and gentleness to support your heart and stimulate your mind, then a peach moonstone is right for you. It delivers positive and loving insight for all situations and works well at soothing anxiety and worry.

White Moonstone

White moonstone is ideal if you want the exceptional energy from a full moon’s power. While the full moon is up, the white moonstone can enhance your psychic perception and increase your visual dream work by magnifying your emotions.

Rainbow Moonstone

As noted before, rainbow moonstone is a rare protective stone. It acts as a prism to diffuse energy, clearing your psychic senses and your mind. It also promotes joy and happiness energy, getting rid of all traces of negativity from your life. By having one of your own, you will have psychic protection and have steady energy and emotional clarity.

If you want to rediscover your natural rhythm and find unique and fascinating treasures about yourself, then a moonstone can help you with that goal. wIth a moonstone crystal, you are opening the doors to achieve optimal receptiveness to your inner feelings. It allows you to take control of your emotions and revive your sense of self while embracing the hustle and bustle of life. It is a reminder that life is precious, filled with infinite possibilities, and that you can obtain a clear mindset with every therapeutic healing session.