The Healing And Grounding Powers Of Jasper Stones

Mookaite Jasper Slab

If you want to have induced states of calming sensations and tranquility, then a Jasper stone is the ultimate healing stone solution. Jasper is part of the quartz family, and as an earth stone, it is perfectly in tune with the electromagnetic forces within the planet. Whether you are wearing or carrying your stone with you in your pocket, you are setting yourself up for excellent physical and emotional healing, cleansing yourself from negativity, increasing your focus, building vitality, and stabilizing your energies.

Jasper Origins

Jasper is an outstandingly beautiful and breathtaking stone that dates back to ancient times and is known as the “supreme nurturer.” In fact, this stone was one of the most favored gemstones in the ancient era. The name comes from the old Assyrian word used for stone, which was “asphu.” Jasper can be traced back to many different cultures and locations, such as Arabic, Persian, Greek, and Latin. It has long been recognized and used for its intensifying healing and grounding powers that nearly every ancient civilian utilized in some way. With the remarkable benefits it provides, it is no wonder why this stone is still highly popular today.

In jewelry form, Jasper was worn by priests, kings, and shamans as a protective aid.  Furthermore, Ancient Egyptians wore Jasper diligently as well, and even burying mummifications with the stone as a way for the person to have a safe passageway into the afterlife.

Healing Properties Based on Jasper Stone Color

Just like most healing stones, color plays a vital role in the benefits you will gain from them. Jasper stones come in a magnitude of different colors, such as green, red, brown, and yellow. Each diverse sacred stone is believed to hold unique and valued properties that target specific needs.


  Black Jasper stones, or also called basanite, is the rarest form that one could find or own. It is believed to give people empowerment and helps protect against psychic curses or other threatening harm that one could encounter. It is also great for scrying, allowing you to see certain elements in circumstances that were hidden from awareness prior. 


Brown Jasper is called the scared stone of perfection, shielding you from harmful energies. The color can range in density, from chocolate brown to reddish, and every shade in between. This colored stone will give you a direct connection with the earth, providing you with both balance and stability, making it ideal for meditation facilitating.


Red Jasper is the stone of endurance and health. If you are seeking out strength, energy, and clarity within your life, then red would be a match for you to stimulate your life force. Furthermore, red Jasper can give you the ability to remember dreams and connect you with your sprite guides for a divine, sacred connection.


From dark blue to light, this color is highly associated with dignity and nobility. Blue Jasper will help you gain the courage to speak out against injustices and defend those who need you. For children and teenagers, blue Jasper will assist them with combating risky behaviors and situations to keep them safe.


Green Jasper is linked to being the “rain bringer.” It can come in multicolored form as well, making this style entirely rare and impressive. Since ancient times, green Jasper was used to calm one’s mind, used as a sleep aid for those suffering from nightmares, and would soothe the spirit within them. It is also a substantial stone for balancing obsessive actions and thoughts, allowing you to regain control of your mind and body.


This is the stone of discernment, shielding negativity that is protruded from others and increasing self-confidence. It provides immense strength, tenacity, and endurance while easing chronic worry. The grounding energies it illuminates make it an ideal meditation aid to reach inner depths for intense self-awareness.

Experience the Power Yourself

Obtain a Jasper stone to tighten your connection with the earth and embrace the sacredness of life. No matter what colored Jasper stone you choose, you will not be disappointed in the remarkable results it will provide to you. These stones host a powerful tie with the earth’s energy, promoting amazing grounding, stability, and strength healing properties to leave you feeling wholly rejuvenated. Invest in a Jasper stone yourself (the color that speaks to you the most) to experience the extraordinary healing and emotional properties this powerful stone has to offer.