Sunstone and Moonstone Combination: A Complete Guide

Sunstone and moonstone bracelet

We’ve all felt a feeling of being stuck at one time or another. Perhaps you felt like your life had stagnated or perhaps you felt trapped and anxious in a job, relationship, or living situation that seemed to only bring you negativity. Maybe you can relate to those feelings right now. When times like this come, sunstone and moonstone can support us as we transform our lives and manifest better things for ourselves.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the healing properties and meanings of these two stones, and explain how sunstone and moonstone can make a powerful combination when used together.

What is the meaning of sunstone?

Sunstone is a stone of energetic lightness, joy, and vibrancy. With its peach-colored marbling, this stone radiates positive and high vibrations.

Sunstone, true to its name, helps us to have a sunny outlook on life. It helps us move from worry into a place where we’re able to problem-solve and be decisive. Its benefits, as we’ll see shortly, lie in its ability to give you more energy and help you find light in the darkness.

What is the meaning of moonstone?

Moonstone is an unassuming stone, the color of the moon, often with a slightly warmer hue. The energy of this stone reflects the way you may feel at home alone on a full moon night, fully relaxed and able to do whatever pleases you most – it is the feeling of comfort.

Moonstone’s energy helps you create a bubble of calm around yourself, revitalizing your energy and inner strength. Moonstone is feminine and has a motherly energy, nurturing you and creating space for you to nurture yourself.

How do sunstone and moonstone work together?

Like the sun and moon in astrology, sunstone and moonstone work together to affect both how you appear in the world and how you feel in your inner world. While sunstone gives you positivity and vitality so you can move through life with a bounce in your step, moonstone strengthens your inner calm and gives you balance.

But in what ways do these stones offer healing benefits when used together? Read on to find out.

What are the healing benefits of sunstone and moonstone?

  1. Vitality without anxious energy

Many of us find that receiving a lot of energy gives us the get-up and go to get things done and bounce through life, but if we receive it immediately after a time in which we’ve been struggling, that energy can feel uneasy. Using sunstone with moonstone ensures the bouncy energy doesn’t come tinged with anxiety. Instead, you feel balanced and steady.

  1. Replaces vulnerability with courage

When under stress, it’s easy for us to slip into a place of vulnerability. We feel victimized by life and often find ourselves shrinking in the face of adversity instead of standing up strong. Sunstone and moonstone give you the powerful sense of self to find your courage and stand up for yourself when needed while healing the emotional wounds that still feel raw.

  1. Find positivity and optimism

Whether you’ve been struggling to find your optimism for a while or there’s been a change in your circumstances that make things feel bleak (even if it’s just the changing of the clocks or the onset of winter), sunstone and moonstone can help.

This combination of stones helps to raise your vibration so you’re able to see the good things about life and find gratitude for the life you have. When things do go wrong, you’ll be able to recover more quickly or take things in stride.

  1. Help you become unstuck

If you’ve been stuck pondering a decision for a while, unable to find an answer, try working with sunstone and moonstone to shift into a solution-focused mindset. Sunstone and moonstone together can help clear the fog that’s been surrounding the answer. If you work with tarot or any other divination tools, do so with sunstone and moonstone for full clarity.

  1. Give you a truer sense of self

Some people are gifted with a strong sense of self that cannot be shaken, but some of us struggle at times to be sure of who we are. If the gap between who you are and who you want to be feels too large, sunstone and moonstone can help you feel grounded and balanced so you can walk on stable ground.

Moonstone’s nurturing energy will help you start to find yourself again (or anew), while sunstone’s energy ensures you stay positive and don’t put yourself down.

  1. Eases stress in times of change

We’ve touched on sunstone and moonstone’s ability to help you come to a decision in times of turmoil, but the combination can also be soothing in times of change. Sunstone helps offer you energy and optimism that will ease you through this period, and moonstone will ensure you feel stable and nurtured from within.

Do other varieties of moonstones work the same way?

Any variety of moonstone will give you the healing benefits we’ve discussed above, but the different varieties may give you some slightly different effects. Here’s what you can expect:

  • White Moonstone: the lightest form of moonstone that looks like moonlight encapsulated, this stone shares some of the quality of other clear and light-colored stones, in that it’s a magnifier. That means it will likely magnify the effects of sunstone more than some other varieties, but it won’t sacrifice balance.
  • Peach/Yellow Moonstone: This is the variety of moonstone this article has in mind, so you’ll find all of the healing benefits in the list above are unchanged using this form of moonstone. Its core strength is its ability to ease anxiety.
  • Rainbow Moonstone: If you’re looking for divine guidance or want to strengthen your psychic abilities, rainbow moonstone can help you connect to your intuition, abilities, and guides.
  • Gray Moonstone: Another form of moonstone that helps you connect with the otherworldly, this form of moonstone helps you pull back the veil. Used with sunstone, it can help you find the balance between your light and dark sides – ideal for anyone experiencing mood swings.
  • Blue Moonstone: Also known as Cat’s Eye, this stone looks like a common blue butterfly wing with dashes of gray. This stone brings stronger balancing forces, helping you to let go of things you may have been holding onto that aren’t good for you.

How do I work with sunstone and moonstone?

You can work with sunstone and moonstone together in any way that feels natural to you, but there are certain ways that lend themselves better to working with these stones together. The main thing to keep in mind is the size of the stone and the type of stone you work with from a practical perspective. Here are some of the ways we recommend:

  • Wear as jewelry: wearing these two stones together (whether on the same piece of jewelry or worn in two separate places) will help you take these stones with you wherever you go.
  • Place together around the home: placing these stones in an area of the home you frequent will help you stay within their energy.
  • Carry them with you: Small tumbled stones work well together if you want to carry these stones around in a pocket to borrow from their energy throughout the day.
  • Meditate with them: Place them near you or hold them in your palms as you meditate. Alternatively, lie down and place them on the chakras they are associated with. (Sunstone is associated with the sacral chakra, and moonstone with the crown chakra – see how they balance one another?)
  • Work with them with tarot cards: Many people work with crystals when using their tarot cards for guidance, and moonstone and sunstone are a good choice since the two stones bring optimism and balance to you and your reading.
  • Use them during yoga: Place the stones on your yoga mat or at each end of your yoga mat to allow them to feed you their energy as you relax and let your guard down. Yoga allows us to recenter ourselves in our energy, which moonstone can help with, and sunstone can help give you energy and positivity as you move through your practice on and off the mat.

How to Charge Sunstone and Moonstone

Unlike many stones that fade in the sun, sunstone is true to its name and can be cleansed in sunlight or under running water. It’s not recommended to leave it in direct sunlight for long periods (a windowsill isn’t a good place for any crystal long-term), so make sure you only leave it for a short time.

To cleanse moonstone, run it under running water and/or charge it under the light of the moon. The lighter the color of your moonstone, the more often you’ll likely need to cleanse it, since it will pick up and magnetize other energies more easily.

You can also cleanse both stones by smudging if you prefer.

Create Harmony with Sunstone and Moonstone

Sunstone and moonstone bring optimism, balance, and energy to your life. Their vibrations help to heal your emotional wounds and give you the mental strength to move forward. If you’ve been feeling unbalanced, struggling to find the good in life, or otherwise feeling disempowered, sunstone and moonstone can help.