12 Top Crystals and Stones for Gemini Star Signs

Stones with zodiac signs

The world of astrology truly is a fascinating one. Zodiac signs help people to explain their personality traits, behaviors and reactions to any of the events life may throw at them. Whether a person is naturally emotional and romantic, or non-committal and inconsistent, there is always an astrological reason for these traits. 

People’s personalities are all influenced by each of the different astrological stars, seasons, and planetary bodies. However, one element contributes the most to each person’s true identity: their star sign.

A person born at the very beginning or end of a zodiac period will most likely display personality traits that derive from the two zodiac periods that are closest to each other. One interesting zodiac sign is the quick-thinking yet indecisive Gemini. 

The Gemini Personality

Those who were born between May 21st and June 20th fall into the zodiac sign of Gemini, which is the 3rd sign of the zodiac. People born under this air sign are typically curious, intelligent, adaptable, and outgoing. They’re usually social butterflies and may have many different groups of friends.

However, just like all other star signs, Geminis can have less attractive traits which they may want to work with and diminish. For example, the Gemini’s social inclination may turn into a habit of gossiping, or even lying compulsively, and their curiosity can easily turn into nosiness. Despite this, Geminis are outgoing, daring, bold, active, honest, outspoken, loyal and intelligent, and with intelligence often comes self-awareness. You can enhance and encourage your positive traits to come forth most effectively when the Sun is in Gemini. 

If you were born under the Gemini zodiac, you will benefit from using crystals to encourage positive Gemini aspects and minimize the negative ones. Each crystal is unique and every stone has its own healing energy and vibration. Some absorb negative energy and transmute it into positive energy, and some simply release positive energy and do not need to be cleansed.  

Here are 12 powerful crystals that can be helpful for those born under the Gemini zodiac sign:

12 Powerful Crystals and Stones for Gemini

1.    Tiger’s Eye

This stunning crystal gets its name from its physical appearance. Typically, this stone is made up of a mixture of brown and yellow, resembling the eye of a tiger. 

While Geminis are not usually known for having low self-esteem, they are known to flit from one thought to another, causing doubt in their minds. By meditating with a Tiger’s Eye crystal, Geminis can manifest a deep and authentic sense of self-love and acceptance. Those who have a negative opinion of themselves may find this crystal useful as it can energize their lost sense of self-worth. 

2.    Agate

This crystal comes in many different colors, which influences which energy center or chakra it connects to. The magnetic Agate crystal can be beneficial to a daydreaming Gemini because it draws the wearer back down to earth. A Gemini who wishes to achieve certain career goals will have an easier time staying focused if they meditate with an Agate crystal. This stone brings forth honest communication and can help to calm an active mind due to its slower frequency rate in comparison to other crystals. 

3.    Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a fairly well-known crystal among those who use crystals for meditation and manifestation. This deep blue and purple stone is known as the stone of wisdom and is commonly associated with the divine. In fact, those who are avid crystal users often use Lapis Lazuli to invoke Archangel Michael, who rules Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini. Archangel Michael is said to offer protection, strength and truthful communication.

4.    Aquamarine

With hypnotic blue and green hues, this stone can bring about the same relaxed sense of peace that one might get from being in the presence of the ocean. Aquamarine is said to help those who are new to meditation, as it can bring about a deeper state of focus and calm. 

It can help the erratic personality to calm and is often used in meditation when someone is attempting to face or cure a fear or phobia. Aquamarine is often referred to as the seawater stone, as that is exactly what it looks like. It has healing properties, particularly in the case of significant emotional trauma and is known for its ability to calm and resolve conflicts. 

5.    Celestite

As is in the name, this crystal is believed to connect the wearer to angelic realms. It eases mental uncertainty and self-doubt, which can be a welcome quality for Geminis, who are prone to indecision. Geminis may not have a problem speaking their mind, but when it comes to making important decisions, Celestite can come to the rescue and help make this process a little easier. It works to deepen our trust in ourselves and soothes our nerves. 

6.    Dalmatian Jasper

Given its name due to its black and off-white spotty appearance, Dalmatian Jasper has been used as a talisman of protection for centuries. Some believe that Dalmatian Jasper is so strongly connected to the Gemini zodiac because it reflects the duality and polarity of mind that a Gemini so often experiences. This Mexican stone is known for its ability to absorb energy, so it is an ideal stone for the Gemini, who suffers from depression, anxiety or anger. It can also help to rebalance a Gemini’s yin/yang energy, which is useful for those who get bored easily. 

7.    Serpentine

This crystal is bright, earthy green and is called Serpentine because its color and texture resemble that of a snake, or a serpent. It is said to stimulate the crown and heart chakras and aid spiritual exploration. Serpentine also opens up the wearer’s Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy comes from a Hindu teaching that identifies divine feminine energy, which rests coiled like a snake at the base of the spine. 

When placed in a crystal grid, Serpentine is thought to help with past life recollection and angelic exploration.

8.    Blue Kyanite

Known to connect to the throat and third eye chakra, in particular, Blue Kyanite promotes truthful communication by linking the spiritual self with the words we speak. This blue and white stone is often used for memory recall, particularly for those who wish to access a previous life.

Geminis’ inconsistent nature means that they may be prone to bending the truth somewhat, so high vibrational Blue Kyanite can give Geminis the courage to speak the truth, even if it is uncomfortable. Blue Kyanite is also known as the Earth stone, and its ability to aid with past life recollection is ideal for the curious nature of the typical Gemini. 

9.    Chrysocolla

This blue mineral copper stone is known for its calming energies, which can be of assistance to those who are prone to nervousness and anxiety. Like many popular meditation gems, Chrysocolla is linked to the throat chakra, which encourages honest discussion. It is often used by business owners as it is associated with prosperity, pragmatism and financial success. 

10.  Sapphire

This opulent crystal isn’t just a sign of wealth and stature: it’s also great for manifesting mental clarity and self-expression. Physically, Sapphire is a hardy and tough stone, and spiritually it is believed to bring spiritual insight and celestial connection. Sapphire is also used in invocation ceremonies when the user wishes to invoke the energy of Angel Ambriel, ruler of Gemini and Earthly problem solver. 

11.  Howlite

Howlite is an aura-cleansing stone that can help an indecisive Gemini to re-align their chakras and ground themselves. It is associated with the crown chakra and is said to help people to connect with their higher vibration. In other words, it can bring us closer to our higher level of consciousness, while calming the mind and offering a renewed sense of purpose and self-belief. 

12.  Apatite

Like many crystals that stimulate the throat chakra and encourage introspection, openness and honesty, Apatite comes in a blue/ green hue. It increases the user’s intuition, both socially and energetically. It is said to help remove negative energy from the user’s space and is often used by those who are about to embark on a new adventure. So, if you’re due to start a new job or are entering into a new relationship, try meditating with Apatite and manifesting success and love for yourself. 

Apatite is also believed to have physical healing properties. Some believe that Apatite can help with calcium absorption, healing bones and the formation of new cells. If you’re recovering from injury, this is an ideal stone to have around.

It’s always worth exploring which crystals and stones for Gemini resonate best with you; Geminis may typically be prone to certain characteristics, but that does not mean that every crystal is guaranteed to have the same effect on you. Each crystal may be able to help you with specific blockages you may encounter when the Sun is in Gemini. 

When it comes to practical crystal uses, the most effective way to activate them is by wearing them as jewelry. The physical contact between you and your crystal ensures the most resonant vibration within your chakras.  

There’s a lot to be gained from crystals and there’s a world of exciting, energetic possibilities to be discovered! So experiment and collect the crystals that call to you – and remember to cleanse them and/or put them outside to charge under the full moon!