Recharge Your Crystals: Learn How To Use Selenite

crystals charging on a selenite wand

Do you know how to charge your crystals with selenite? Even if you are new to crystals, you may have heard that selenite is one of the most important stone chargers. It is so powerful and so unique that it cleanses itself.

Civilizations have coveted crystals throughout history, and their healing power for the body, mind and soul is nothing to take for granted. When you use stones regularly, though, they can become bogged down with negative energies. Charging and cleaning your gems should be a regular occurrence, especially if you feel that the crystals are heavy with energy.

The Story Behind Charging Crystals With Selenite

Selenite is a mineral made from calcium sulfate; it is a crystallized variety of gypsum. You can find selenite throughout the world. It is particularly abundant in Australia, Madagascar, Morocco, Mexico, the United States and Brazil.

Origin of Selenite

In 1747, selenite was first discovered. This gem is a pure white light in physical form. It is considered one of the kings of all crystals. It can slice through the air, recharge and cleanse any environment that it is in. Few crystals can cleanse themselves and other stones.

Meaning and Uses of Selenite

Selenite is named for Selene, the moon goddess, and works because it holds the power of Selene. During a moon cleanse, you can use a selenite wand to soak up positive energy.

Some believe that God used selenite to create life on Earth. They say that if you use the stone, you may witness remnants of divine light. As well, in your daily life, selenite is used to guide you to your destiny and strengthen your memory.

The Importance of Cleansing Crystals

Crystals promote healing; they soothe your body and soul on an energetic level. However, these stones travel throughout the world. They travel from the source to the seller and then to the purchaser. Before the final transaction, stones may come into contact with many different energies. As soon as you bring your crystals home, they require cleansing. In addition to using selenite, there are a variety of ways to charge or cleanse gems.


Salt is a mineral that can absorb unwanted energies. If you have the means, you can collect fresh saltwater in a bowl. If you do not live near the ocean, a tablespoon of sea or rock salt will suffice. Mix it with a bowl of water and then submerge your stone completely. Your gem should soak for a few hours up to a few days. Only use this method for hard stones.

Moon Bathing

Set your crystals on the windowsill during a full moon. If safe, you can set them outside on a natural surface to soak up the moonbeams. If you want to, you can say something that you hope to let go of as you place each crystal. Do this through sunrise; however, be careful with vibrant and soft stones. If exposed to too much sunlight, they can be damaged.


Sage has multiple healing properties by itself. Smudge your stone with sage to restore natural energy. To do this, ignite the tip of the sage with a flame, transfer it to your non-dominant hand and grasp your stone with the other. Move the stone through the smoke for about 30 seconds. If it’s been some time since your last cleaning, you can smudge for longer.

Sound Cleansing

If you have a Tibetan singing bowl, you can use it to cleanse your crystals. Striking the bowl emits a soothing tone. Place the gems around the bowl and gently strike the side with a mallet, then run the mallet clockwise over the rim of the bowl several times.


If you do not know how to charge crystals with selenite, it is straightforward. Selenite is a self-cleaning crystal. It absorbs negative energy and ejects it upwards. You do not have to clean selenite, but it can charge your other crystals.

Many people use selenite to clean and charge other stones because it is one of the easiest ways. Some crystals corrode in water and sunlight. When you use another crystal, you avoid damaging your other gems.

The Types of Selenite for Crystal Charging

Now that you know about crystal charging, you may still wonder how to charge crystals with selenite. What type of selenite should you use?

Selenite Cleansing Plates

Consider getting a selenite cleansing plate. Try to make sure the plate is flat rather than small and curved. You want the crystals to lay flat and have as much contact with the plate as possible. Use the flat platform to rest your crystals for about 24 hours. If you have small stones, you can charge them for less time. However, at least 24 hours is the safest duration.

Selenite Towers

Selenite towers go in the middle of a crystal circle. Find an area that you can cover with crystals for the next 24 hours and place the tower in the center. While your stones do not have to touch, the cleansing is more effective if you have the crystals touching the tower.

Following the Cleansing

Once cleansed, you can program your crystals with new intentions. Hold a stone in your hand, clear your mind and put all of your focus into it. You need to concentrate on one specific intention to transmit it to the crystal. When you finish the cleansing, you may want to say a simple mantra. Some people like to thank the Universe and the stones for the energy that they provide.

Your crystals use a lot of energy to provide you with the healing and positivity that you need in your life. Selenite is by far one of the best crystals to add to your collection, particularly if you want to recharge your crystals often. A selenite pyramid not only charges your other crystals, but it reduces free radicals around you, cleaning your work area and helping to expand your mind. By far, selenite is one of the best charging crystals for your body and mind as well as your other stones.