Protection Stones for Mind, Body and Spirit

Tumbled apache tears and obsidian crystals for protection

The natural world around us vibrates with energy. For centuries people have relied on the protective and healing properties found in nature. In modern times, we hear of forest bathing and grounding, but these are not new ideas. They are built upon knowledge and practices that have been around since the dawn of civilization and, likely, earlier in human history. Evidence of stone use dates as far back as 6,000-8,000 years ago. Thousands of years later, stones are still important sources of protective energy.

The qualities present in a variety of gems do more than safeguard you from negative energy. They can calm your emotional state, ground you or lift you up and remove blockages in your chakras and energy field. Stones are also great sources for creative inspiration and a positive perspective. Protection stones provide support for your overall wellbeing, including your relationships, physical health, life journeys and financial health.

Improve Your Relationships

People are social beings. We depend on our connections with others for our emotional health. As much as we need relationships, though, they can also be a challenge. Sometimes bonds grow tenuous and relationships become unhealthy. Protection stones can help establish balance, mend heartache, bring about closure and help you let go when necessary. They also improve and strengthen your positive relationships, making the connections stronger.

Fire Agate

Use this stone to unblock and release the sacral chakra. This helps renew your relationships with friends and family, particularly with your partner. If you’re looking to strengthen the connection between you and the ones you love, the energy in fire agate can help you get there.

Apache Tears

Letting go of an unhealthy relationship or releasing your heart from the pain of past hurts is necessary to move on, but it is a difficult journey. This stone is soothing and calming for those trying to overcome trauma or heartache. Apache tears also emanate peace to ground an anxious mind, providing additional emotional support.


Labradorite helps you let go of toxic or unhealthy relationships. It releases negative energy while preserving the positive. This is one of the important protection stones for people who need the strength to stand up for themselves.


Do you find that you feel insecure in your relationships or that you are missing strong connections with people in your life? This stone can help. It is known for strengthening bonds between people. It works for all types of relationships, not just romantic ones.

Rose Quartz

Of all the protection stones that help in matters of the heart, rose quartz offers the greatest benefits. If you are only going to have one stone in your collection to aid you with your relationships, this is it. This crystal can restore balance to your connections with friends, family and your partner. It offers support in releasing negative emotions and building positive ones.

Better Your Health

Protection stones are as essential to caring for your physical and mental health as for your spiritual wellbeing. They help promote balance in spirit, body and mind. Using stones for an overall sense of centeredness is one of their most powerful benefits.


Amethyst is one of the first stones people turn to when they need protection and healing. It is used to help with issues of the body, mind and spirit. This crystal is known to:

  • Promote a restful night’s sleep
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve hormone production for fertility
  • Relieve depression and anxiety
  • Alleviate headaches

This stone is an important aid in whole-system restoration and balance. It is often the first crystal people reach for when they need an extra boost for wellbeing and health.

Clear Quartz

Next to amethyst, this crystal is considered to be a good, general healing stone. It gives the immune system a boost, restores balance to the body and aids in concentration and memory. The energy in clear crystal helps mind and body absorb and store positive energy and release the negative.


This deep black stone has strong protective energies. It helps release blockages from the chakras, restoring personal strength, wisdom and clarity. Obsidian promotes a positive sense of self. It is also good for the physical body because of its usefulness in alleviating pain and supporting detoxification.


This yellow stone is beneficial for those who want to rid the body of toxins. It has properties that are thought to help with thyroid regulation. Do you need a boost to your energy levels? Citrine works great for that. It is also frequently put to use as a digestive aid, as a means to reduce inflammation and as a way to restore chemical balance.

Ease Your Journey

Life is a journey. We experience both adventure and adversity. Much the same can be said about our travels from one place to another. There are stones that offer protection on the journey of life and in our travel experiences.

Black Tourmaline

This stone works to balance the root chakra, the energy center that grounds you to Earth and gives you a sense of security. It wraps the body in a protective shield, keeping the traveler safe from harm. Empaths find this tool useful for maintaining their own energy levels, which are easily drained in encounters with others.


When you need acute senses, carry malachite with you. It helps ward off dangers in your surroundings, so it can be good no matter where you travel. This stone is associated with the heart chakra. It is said to aid a person in making wise choices, which is useful for making decisions as you walk down the path of life.

Malachite is also perfect for empaths as it can help balance a person’s emotions.

Attract Abundance

Often, people who are on a path to attain spiritual health are reluctant to open up to abundance, but financial health is about more than just money. It is about being wise with your resources. There are stones that can help you attain the confidence you need to pursue your dreams and achieve financial health.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a great stone for those who wish to enhance their creativity. It also helps you think on your feet when you need to make quick decisions. It is believed to attract abundance and prosperity.


If you find yourself feeling fearful and anxious about the future or a new situation you are facing, pyrite can help you release those negative emotions. It clears the way for confidence and courage as you move towards the unknown.

Protection stones are great for spiritual protection, but they have so many other benefits. Whether you are confronting challenges of the heart, experiencing health issues, traveling a difficult road or facing the unknown, there are stones that can help you along the way. When life is moving smoothly, stones keep you balanced, focused and open, and they keep your chakras working in harmony. Discover the power of protection stones with myfaireden’s collection of jewelry and wands made from quality crystals and stones.