Infinite Stone Guide: Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses

Tumbled infinite stones

Crystal healing has been practiced all over the world for centuries, and many have experienced the powerful effects of certain crystals. They are used in manifestation, for meditation, healing, protection, and more. There are hundreds of crystals and stones all with different uses. One fascinating crystal is the Infinite Stone.

What is the Infinite Stone?

The Infinite Stone is a prevailing stone, which means that it is often used in healing the user’s etheric body. Its vibrations cleanse the aura, offering protection against negative vibrations and harmful energy. The Infinite Stone is also commonly used in meditation, particularly outdoors. It is believed that the Infinite Stone connects the user to the Earth’s vibrational channels and energies.

This particular stone was given its name because it is believed that the user can benefit from infinite success, happiness, and peace. This stone is used to manifest an abundance of anything positive and is believed to raise one’s vibrational energies, helping to remove feelings of lethargy and fatigue. 

What colors can an Infinite Stone be?

The Infinite Stone usually takes the form of a green, gray or blue-toned stone as it is a combination of white-gray Chrysotile and green Serpentine. 

Where does the Infinite Stone come from?

The Infinite Stone is a magnesium silicate mineral. This combination of Chrysotile and Serpentine hails from South Africa. 

What are the Infinite Stone’s properties?

One of the Infinite Stone’s most potent properties is that of awakening Kundalini energy within the user. The idea of Kundalini can be found in the Upanishads, the Sanskrit texts containing philosophical concepts of Hinduism. Kundalini is a concept that Buddhism and Jewish mysticism also follow, and it is mystical, feminine energy that is described as being coiled like a snake at the base of the spine. This energy has powerful potential and can be awakened for helpful, creative purposes or for destruction. 

In some cultures, the aim of the practice is for the energy to rise up to the head. It is believed that the top of the head is where the energy of Lord Shiva resides, and this practice denotes the union of feminine and masculine energy, leading the practitioner out of duality and back to their own state of divinity. As well as the Upanishads, the Kundalini practice is also mentioned in the Kabbalah. 

What do people use Infinite Stone for?

Infinite Stone is also used by those who experience stress-related insomnia and night terrors. Some people place an Infinite Stone under their pillow to bring about a sense of calm and more peaceful sleep. This stone connects strongly to the heart, solar plexus, base and sacral energetic centers, or chakras, making it a versatile healing stone. It can help to cleanse any energetic blockages that may occur around any of these chakras and can be helpful for those undergoing any big life changes. 

The fact that the Infinite Stone connects to the heart chakra makes it a great crystal for manifesting a better sense of love and social awareness. When the heart chakra is out of balance, we may find ourselves feeling tense, unsociable, detached and unwelcoming. The Infinite Stone can help to open us up to new experiences and friendships, while allowing us to think and react to situations calmly, rather than reacting irrationally.

When it comes to physical ailments, the Infinite Stone is often used to heal pain and discomfort, from back cramps and nausea to headaches and even a poor immune system. It’s believed that the Infinite Stone’s cleansing energy can help to protect your DNA structure and promote healthy cell turnover. With this physical rejuvenation can come a new physical energy, with fatigue and lethargy reduced to a manageable level. 

How can I use the Infinite Stone for healing purposes?

Psychic Abilities

The Infinite Stone is said to boost your psychic abilities, encouraging communication between this world and that of the angels. With a sensitivity to other realms comes a sensitivity to the energies on this Earth, so meditating with an Infinite Stone can help to harmonize with the world around you. 

When used in a Kundalini activation meditation, the Infinite Stone can tap into your base chakra, aiding you in protecting your etheric body. It can help to repair emotional wounds as well as helping you to overcome issues related to or caused by grief or loss. 

Energetic Protection

There is infinite energy radiating from people on Earth, and much of that can be harmful. The Infinite Stone can shield you from negative energy and electromagnetic pollution by protecting your aura. This can have a wondrous effect on the way we live our lives, as the Infinite Stone has the power to rewrite the emotional patterns we find ourselves falling into. Whether we get ourselves into unproductive relationships, find ourselves unhappy in our careers or simply aren’t treating our physical bodies well, this can help to break the unhappy cycle. 


Meditation with the Infinite Stone can be a powerful tool for manifesting positive outcomes in your life. For example, if some part of your life feels stagnant, meditate with the intention of boosting your productivity and sticking to your plans, you may feel more motivated and energized over a period of time. Your past mistakes and anxieties about the future will not hinder your determination, and you’ll have an easier time following through with plans. 


If you’re having difficulty with relationships and love, the Infinite Stone can bring comfort and self-love. It can give you the strength to face negative issues within a relationship, allowing you to speak openly and honestly rather than denying the existence of problems. The Infinite Stone will open up the heart, allowing you to see your partner, friends and family in a new light. You may find that, after meditating with this crystal, you may have more patience for others, which is likely to come from a renewed sense of love for yourself and others. You may be less likely to find fault in others, with a less critical inclination and more of a sense of global community and connection. 

Grief and Loss

Along with all its other potent properties, the energy of the Infinite Stone can be healing for those experiencing the pain of grief, separation and loss. It’s a powerful crystal that can help those who are suffering to make their way along the path to recovery and healing. It is often used by those who have just lost a loved one and are seeking comfort throughout times of turmoil. 

Like most other crystals, you can use the Infinite Stone as part of your daily meditation. You can hold it in your hands as you chant a mantra, or it can be placed on the ground in front of you as part of an energetic crystal grid. Alternatively, simply carry the stone or place it where you need it – carry a small stone in your pocket, place it near your bed, in your office, or anywhere else you feel you could benefit from it to help you heal old wounds and grow stronger. As you start to feel more whole, combine its use with other stones with energies you want to bring into your life to take positive steps forward.