How to Set Intentions with Rose Quartz: 4 Intention Practices

Rose Quartz Crystal Grid

Setting intentions with rose quartz is a great way to bring more love and compassion into our lives. Whether you’re looking to meet the one, start meeting new people after a bad breakup or divorce, or simply want to practice better self-love, rose quartz is one of the best crystals to work with.

Intentions are anything we plan to manifest into our lives, and setting an intention is the first step toward that manifestation. While setting an intention alone can feel unfocused, using a crystal to set an intention can help you focus and “program” it for future use. Programming your crystals is essentially asking them to work with you toward this intention and to help you make the decisions that will lead you on the smoothest path to what you desire.

Why use rose quartz to set intentions?

If you’re looking for love, rose quartz is the crystal you need on your side. The legend goes that the Roman god of desire, Cupid, (sometimes known as Eros, the Greek god of love) gave the gift of love to humankind in the form of rose quartz.

Rose quartz energetically attracts unconditional love, emotional healing, and deeper and more meaningful connections with those around you. While rose quartz isn’t exclusively used for romantic love, it is the best crystal to use if you want to manifest something better in your love life. 

How do you set intentions

  1. Choose the crystal you feel called to work with

Don’t overthink this – if you need to buy a crystal, don’t feel like you have to drive hours to find the right one (you can order online – it won’t change how you work with your crystal!). It’s all about finding the crystal that feels right to you. Do you want a raw stone, a polished stone, or a piece of jewelry? Choose the one you are naturally attracted to.

  • Consider cleansing it before you use it

If you’re buying a new stone, then it’s likely other people have touched it and have dirtied it with their energy, whether good, bad, or neutral. If you’re choosing a stone from your established collection, it’s still a good idea to cleanse it before you start setting intentions, so you don’t have to worry about interference from things it may have picked up off of other crystals.

You can cleanse it by rubbing it in salt, leaving it out during a full moon, washing it with moon water, sageing it, or using a singing bowl.

  • Find a quiet place to set your intention

Wait until you can have a quiet few minutes alone before you set your intention(s) with your crystal. Try to sit peacefully, let go of other thoughts and stresses, and visualize what you desire. Think about the feelings you will have when that desire manifests, think about the joy, the warmth, and the love. Try not to let those little slivers of negativity slip through – push them out.

When you’re ready, speak your intention aloud (or do so in your head if you prefer). Focus on the connection between you and your crystal as you do so, feeling the shape and weight of it, the textures, and the vibrations. Some people like to repeat their intention three times, but do so as many times as feels right for you. Focus on the feelings and the positivity behind your words.

  • Keep your rose quartz close to you when you most need it

You don’t need to keep your rose quartz with you at all times, but it’s a good idea to do so whenever you think there may be an opportunity to meet someone or take a step further toward what you want to manifest.

Some of the ways you can use your rose quartz after intention setting are:

  • Sleep with it under your pillow
  • Sleep with it under your bed
  • Wear it on jewelry when you leave the house (a necklace is perfect because it keeps it close to your heart chakra)
  • Keep it by your phone or computer if you are trying online dating
  • Place it in the relationship corner of your home (the far right corner from the front door)
  • Keep it nearby when you practice self-love
  • Do a morning ritual – when you wake up, hold the crystal in your hands, center yourself, and imagine ethereal pink light swirling around you, encompassing with compassionate self-love and the love of your future (or current) partner

How to Manifest Love and Relationships with Rose Quartz

You’re free to use your rose quartz in whatever ways feel right to you. Below you’ll find rituals you can do to intensify your efforts and help you manifest your desires, but if rituals don’t feel right to you, then don’t do them. The path to manifestation is all about flow – if you don’t feel a state of flow during rituals, don’t do them.

Ritual for Manifesting a New Love

You’ll need:

  • Your rose quartz
  • An amethyst
  • 4 candles (any size, color, or scent)
  • A flat, clean surface


  1. Clear your space, feel free to cleanse it with incense or sage if it feels right to you
  2. Place your candles at each point of the compass (north, south, east, west)
  3. Light each candle in turn, in whichever order feels right. If you call upon deities or spirits during rituals, ask them to keep you safe during the ritual
  4. Place the amethyst in the center of the table
  5. Hold your rose quartz in your open palms, as close to your chest as is comfortable
  6. Close your eyes and breathe, feeling the rose quartz in your hands. Allow its energy to flow through you
  7. As you breathe in, fill your heart with the energy of the rose quartz, feeling the warmth, love, and self-love it draws to you
  8. As you breathe out, let go of all the negativity and limiting thoughts you may have
  9. Outloud, or in your head, say, “I attract pure, unconditional love. I welcome new love into my life and my heart.” (If you have another intention for rose quartz that you’ve connected with, feel free to use that intention here)
  10. Open your eyes and repeat the intention while gazing at the rose quartz
  11. Repeat the intention as many times as it takes to feel peaceful – this may be once, it may be ten times  
  12. When you feel at peace, place the rose quartz beside the amethyst and repeat the intention one more time with clarity
  13. One by one, blow out the candles, thanking any spirits or deities for hearing and protecting you if you called upon them
  14. Optional: take the crystals to bed with you and sleep with them under your pillow

Rituals for Healing Old Love Wounds

If you’re struggling to manifest new love, it may be that you still have raw wounds you first need to heal. Here are a couple of ways to heal your heart chakra with rose quartz:

  • Lie down somewhere flat and comfortable and place rose quartz on your heart chakra. Breathe deeply, and as you start to enter a peaceful state, imagine soft pink light spreading out from the crystal and enveloping you. Imagine it cutting any old ties to past relationships, and sinking into you to heal old, unhealed wounds. This may bring up strong emotions in you, so don’t resist them. You may need to cry and take a break – just come back to it again and repeat until you can complete the ritual feeling calm and centered, fully whole in yourself.

  • Run a warm bath and place your preferred stone that captures, absorbs, or clears negativity above the stopper. (Such as black tourmaline, black obsidian, black jade, jet, or smokey quartz.) Get in, relax, and then place your rose quartz over your heart chakra. Follow the steps above, but visualize any old pain draining from you like black water or smoke. Imagine the stone over the stopper drawing it in. Continue until you feel at peace. Get out as soon as you feel that it has drained from you, and drain the water. While the water will cleanse the second stone, it’s a good idea to cleanse it again.

These methods of setting intentions for rose quartz can be extremely effective, so if things start moving too fast or if you feel confused about how to move forward in a romantic situation, add an amethyst to your practice. Amethysts bring clarity and help you follow your intuition, which should slow things down for you and help you see the best path forward.

If things don’t move forward quickly for you, don’t panic – continue centering yourself regularly with your rose quartz and look out for any self-sabotaging behaviors that may be blocking the gifts that the universe tries to give you. The more patient and centered you can be, and the more self-love you offer yourself, the more likely your desires will manifest.