How to Cleanse Crystals with Incense

Cleansing Crystals with Incense

Crystals have become much more mainstream in the past decade, and now millions of people around the world are embracing their energetic properties. To keep crystals working at their highest and clearest energetic vibration, you need to cleanse them. There are many ways to cleanse crystals, so today we’ll cover how to cleanse crystals with incense.

Why do you need to cleanse crystals?

Some stones soak up negative energy, while others emit positive vibrations. Regardless of whether your stones act as energetic sponges or diffusers, they will need regular cleansing to prevent a build-up of energy that can prevent them from giving their purest energetic benefits.

How does cleansing crystals with incense work? 

Many people use incense to cleanse their crystals because smoke changes a person, place, or object’s energetic structure. Because they are formed beneath the Earth, they absorb much of the energy from the world above. This means that they are extremely sensitive to all types of energy, good and bad. When we light incense, the smoke penetrates the lower vibrational energies that often cause us to feel anxious, negative, or depressed. The result is that more energetic space is available for something more helpful to our psyche. That’s why we use various herbs, woods, and resins depending on what we require energetically. 

While there is much debate as to whether incense smoke directly affects a crystal’s energetic structure, many believe that smoke cleansing is best for cleansing the energy in the crystal’s space. Many stones can be affected chemically by sunlight or water, so using incense ensures you don’t cause discoloration.

Cleansing the energy in the space where you hold your crystal is equally as important as cleansing your stones. Crystals are sensitive to the environments in which you place them, so it’s also important that the person holding them feels good, unless you’re using a protective stone (one that deflects or absorbs negative energy).

You’re most likely the one creating energetic space for your crystals, and you want to feel healed, too. Your stones will respond to your energy, so if you use incense to heal your energy, this will benefit your crystal’s energetic make-up. It’s a knock-on effect that results in you feeling better. 

For the stones you use during times of stress, it’s even more important to cleanse often with incense. Read on to learn how to cleanse crystals with incense.

How to Cleanse Crystals with Incense 

As with many other types of spiritual and self-healing work, crystal cleansing is all about the intention behind it. If you’re using incense for cleansing purposes, you’ll want to use it to create a special space for you to perform your meditative work. Your incense should fill the space you’d like to connect to your crystal. Allow the sweet scent to bring you into a deep state of calm and focus, clearing the lower vibrations for you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

As for the physical space, you may want to burn incense on your altar or at a table where you have set aside a little room for your spiritual work. You may want to dim the lights, listen to some calming music, and set aside however long you need to get your healing work done. Each person likes to meditate and do crystal work differently, so if you’re new to this, experiment with a few different set-ups and establish what feels good to you. 

When the time comes for you to begin your session, light your chosen incense (choose whichever type and scent feels right to you) and place it in a fireproof incense burner. Set a clear intention for your session while doing it, opening the windows to prevent excessive smoke inhalation. Your incense should be light in the air that it does not distract you from your work. 

  • Sit on a cushion on the floor or in a comfortable chair so that you can focus all your energy on your cleansing session. 
  • Focus on ridding yourself, the room, and the stone of any negative, blocked, or unbalanced energy. Focus on the smoke shifting the unbalanced energy so you can transmute it back into universal consciousness, guiding it back to its original source.
  • If you have a mantra that helps you focus on your intentions for the session, repeat it quietly to yourself as a meditative practice.
  • Once the smoke begins rising, you’ll want to pass your crystal through the incense smoke until you are called to take it away from the smoke. Try to allow the smoke to touch every part of your stone. 
  • Once you instinctively know that the crystal is cleansed, gently end your session by giving thanks. Think or say something that expresses gratitude for the positivity and calm you are feeling after this session. You will likely go about the rest of your day feeling light, peaceful, and content.

The scents you use may also come in several forms. The most commonly used is incense sticks with a thin stick of wood. Some incense sticks are made with powdered wood dipped in oils, and others are made with powdered plant materials. Thicker incense sticks tend to produce more smoke and burn for longer.

Incense also comes in the form of cones, loose-leaf, and whole incense. Some people use sprigs of plants, whole dried leaves, or sticks of solid wood (like palo santo) instead of incense. These are typically lit and gently waved to blow out the flame. This type of incense creates more intense smoke but for a shorter time and may need relighting.

What are the best scents to use when cleansing my crystals with incense? 

While most incense smells good, there are certain plants, herbs, and roots that have an energetic effect on a space, too. Ideally, we’d all be growing our own herbs and plants, but since that isn’t always possible, you’ll be able to buy most of these at your local herb or crystal store, or online. 

  • Sage is one of the most commonly used herbs as it is believed to remove negative energy in objects. 
  • If you’re looking to strengthen your sense of spirituality, go for incense that will open your third eye and crown chakras. Incense like mugwort and jasmine are great for this.
  • Sandalwood can be beneficial if you struggle with emotional or physical stress. If you tend to turn to crystals to manage anxiety, sandalwood is good for cleansing. Sandalwood incense releases a deep and woody scent while calming the mind.
  • Ethically sourced Palo Santo is another great option. Native to Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela, this wood releases a deep and smoky aroma. It has been used in healing ceremonies for centuries, but the indigenous tree from which the wood comes is now endangered, so you may need to do some research before buying this incense. 
  • Myrrh has been used to cleanse and restore strength for centuries. Just like palo santo, myrrh comes from trees, but myrrh comes in the form of resin, rather than sticks of wood. The smoke from myrrh incense is believed to remove negative emotions, and it gives off a clean, medicinal smell.

These are just some of the most common incense smells, and many apothecaries create bespoke blends of several scents.  

Can any type of incense damage my crystals? 

Any smell that hinders the air quality in your room can negatively affect your crystal. As we learned earlier, crystals are sensitive to their environment and anything lower in vibration can negatively impact them. Things to avoid burning near your crystals include plastic and anything containing chemicals and toxins. Try to avoid incense that is scented with chemically altered fragrances as these can be toxic, particularly if you have young children or pets. Be sure to buy your incense from a reputable source that shows a clear list of ingredients on the box.

How often should I cleanse my crystals with incense? 

Crystals usually travel long distances, from the original source to the seller and then to the customer. Each leg of the journey to your door exposes the crystal to energies that may not be what you want to bring into your home. 

When you use these stones for healing, they absorb or redirect the anxiety, pessimism, or negativity you’re trying to let go of. The more often you use a crystal, the more energy it will collect. In general, though, you should aim to cleanse all your crystals at least once every month. If any of your crystals feel heavier or emit more negative energy than usual, douse or cleanse them right away. There’s no need to wait a specific amount of time between each cleansing session. It’s a good idea to get in a habit of cleansing – perhaps you do so as a part of your full or new moon rituals, or on a night of the week when you have the house to yourself and can feel at peace.

Now that you know how to clean crystals with incense, you will know what types of scents to use depending on your needs. Create a safe space where you can do your meditative work and experiment to see what incense blend feels best to you.