18 Best Healing Bracelets for Couples for Constant Connection

Black and white bracelets for couples

2020 has been a challenge for everyone, but it’s presented additional challenges for couples that don’t yet live together. Long-distance couples have had an even harder time, with travel limitations meaning they may be facing an entire year without seeing one another.

Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to stay connected with their special someone. One unique and inherently intimate way to stay connected with your partner is by choosing a pair of healing bracelets. Read on to discover what healing bracelets are, how they work and how they can help you to feel more energetically connected to your partner. 

What are healing bracelets? 

As with any piece of jewelry designed for healing, healing bracelets are believed to help manifest wellness, stability, and peace for the wearer. Healing bracelets with gems can help to bring about specific results in a person’s life. For example, wearing a piece of jewelry with amethyst is said to help dispel anxiety, anger, and fear. Rose quartz is said to help promote unconditional self-love and love for others, friendship, inner healing, and tranquility, and so on. Each stone has its own unique healing properties, and by wearing a bracelet with any stone, you can promote a better level of spiritual well-being in your life. 

While crystals and energetic work is an important practice for those who are inclined, not everyone is spiritual. For those who want a bracelet that doesn’t necessarily have a spiritual property but can be worn to remind them of their partner, matching bracelets for couples can be a special way to do so.  

Here are 18 of the most beautiful bracelets, healing and otherwise, for you and your loved one:

Morse Code Bracelets

If you’re not hugely demonstrative about your relationship in public, you may want something a little more personal and private. These Morse Code bracelets spell out the words “Always” and “Together,” respectively and make for a unique and personal gift. These bracelets are made using tiny Japanese beads called Miyuki Delica that can be altered to suit your or your partner’s favorite color.

2. Soulmate Lava Stone Bracelet Set

If you’re trying to think of the perfect gift for the yin to your yang, these long-distance soulmate bracelets are a stunning choice. They’re made with an eye-catching combination of lava stone, providing courage and deepening the wearer’s connection to Mother Earth, and howlite, which encourages calm expression and communication skills. These beautiful bracelets mirror the effects of the yin and yang design – the howlite bracelet has a single lava stone and vice versa with the lava stone bracelet. These bracelets are unique yet versatile and can be worn by people of all styles and taste preferences.

3. Rainbow, Quartz, and Onyx Couples Bracelets

Many of the couples’ bracelets you may come across are specifically designed to be worn by a man and a woman. However, this isn’t accessible to every couple, which is why these gorgeous LGBTQ+ couples bracelets are so amazing. As with many couples’ bracelet sets, one is white, and the other is black. They both feature one small rainbow-colored bead and one gemstone. The white bracelet is filled with a clear quartz crystal, and the black is filled with an onyx stone. The clear quartz stone is said to dispel negative energy and cleanse the wearer’s spiritual and mental planes. Onyx is connected with the base chakra and is often used to ground and bring focus to the wearer. 

4. Sunflower Bracelets 

Some couples’ jewelry can be so serious and solemn, so if you’re naturally a cheery, happy-go-lucky person who prefers brightly-colored flowers and cute design, these Sunflower bracelets are perfect for you. These are also a lovely idea if you want to show your appreciation to a friend or relative, too! Plus, the bracelets come attached to a card that states a heartfelt promise for the two of you to be there for each other, no matter what.

5. Couples’ Coordinate Bracelets 

Have you ever wanted to pay homage to a specific place on the globe? Maybe you’d like something that helps you remember where you and your loved one first met, or where your first date was. Perhaps you’d like to remember where someone was born or where a romantic relationship first began to blossom. With so many bracelets to remind us of special dates in our lives, these Couples’ coordinate bracelets stand out from the crowd. These bracelets are also totally customizable – you can choose from seven colors, two styles, and you can have your chosen coordinates and message inscribed on the back. How special is that?

6. Tiger Eye Long-Distance Bracelets 

This pair of Tiger Eye bracelets is a beautiful choice for those who wear crystals and use them for meditation. With the decisive and confident properties of tiger eye and the therapeutic healing powers of howlite, you and your partner can feel connected, even if you’re far apart. These bracelets restore your chakras’ balance, free your mind from emotional restraint and help you to soak up positive energy and universal understanding. Wear these bracelets to give you strength when making difficult decisions as a couple and to bring you comfort in turbulent times.

7. Sun And Moon Bracelet Set

Not particularly into crystals but interested in astronomy? This Sun and moon bracelet set is perfect for the couple who want to say, “I love you to the moon and back!” Choose from an impressive 29 color options for your adjustable bracelet, which is made with a high-quality nylon cord.

8.  Personalized Initial Couples Bracelets 

If you’re looking for something special for your partner and want to include their initials, these Custom initial couples bracelets are a lovely idea. With this vendor, you can choose from a gold, rose gold or silver-plated charm. The charm is attached to a cord, the color of which you can also select. The maker of these bracelets also goes one step further and writes a personal note for your partner, which is a great idea if you’re sending it as a gift.

9. Personalized Zodiac Sign Bracelets 

With these Personalized zodiac sign bracelets, you can select your star sign and your partner’s for a bespoke combination of zodiac bracelets. As with many other couples’ bracelet sets, these are made with tiger’s eye stone to help the wearer feel grounded, focused, and balanced throughout their everyday life. By promoting such positive qualities in yourself, you allow yourself to be the best partner you can be, and what gift is better than being an amazing partner?

10. Black & White Long-Distance Couples Bracelets 

Spending long periods of time away from a loved one can be extremely challenging. What can help is having a piece of jewelry you can look at to remember how much they mean to you. Long-distance relationships are never easy, but with matching bracelets, you can think of each other whenever you glance at your bracelet.

These Black & white long-distance couples bracelets are made with natural stone, known to release the tension and anxiety that can come with a long-distance relationship. Swirled in with that natural stone is howlite, known to inspire wisdom and boost a soulful connection. Those who are passionate about crystals and energy work will want to wear this bracelet on the night of a full moon for maximum energetic benefits. 

11. Couples’ Triple Protection Bracelets 

These dazzling Triple protection bracelets are hand-crafted using nature’s naturally protective minerals. The bracelets are made with three powerful crystals, offering triple protection from whatever life can throw your way. They’re made with a tiger’s eye stone to remedy fears or anxieties and restore balance and harmony to your life. They also contain obsidian stone, which grounds you, connects you with your root chakra and clears all negative energy. These bracelets are also made with hematite: the earth’s natural stone. This crystal is known to absorb toxic emotions and develop focus concentration. With these bracelets, you and your partner will have nothing to fear as you move forward in your relationship with passion, focus and optimism. 

12. Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets 

Missing the scent of your partner or want to smell like a particular essential oil throughout the day? These Lava stone essential oil diffuser bracelets include seven colored beads representing each chakra in the spiritual body. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to these natural stones, and the refreshing scent will be released throughout the day, providing comfort if you’ve been missing a loved one. 

13. Red Goldstone Long-Distance Bracelet Set

For energetic support and healing during a rough patch in a long-distance relationship, you can wear these distance bracelets made of stone. White howlite absorbs negative energy and helps unburden an overactive mind that is filled with worries and anxiety. Red goldstone provides bravery needed for ambition, drive and motivation. These two stones meet to create a stunning pair of bracelets. These bead bracelets can help flush out emotional blockages and refresh the wearer who is experiencing the stress of being away from a loved one. 

14. Matching Treble Clef Bracelets 

If you or your loved one are musically inclined, these adorable Treble clef bracelets are a great way to connect over your love of music. With a wide variety of sizes, these bracelets look great on anyone! Placed at the beginning of the stave to indicate the tonality of a piece of music, the treble clef can also signify how your relationship began and how it shaped your lives forever. You can wear these bracelets and feel yourselves becoming in sync with the rhythm of your musical love!

15. Synastry Necklace Set 

Technically this isn’t a bracelet, but it’s so gorgeous, we had to include it! This is another ideal gift for the couple who love astronomy! This incredible Relationship Synastry set allows you to compare your astrology chart with your partner by creating a specially-made, 22-inch double-strand necklace with one strand for each of you. You provide your name, birth date, time and place. You then select the color of the background “degree” beads. You can choose from hand-pressed colored glass or a semi-precious gemstone (such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, peridot, tiger’s eye, garnet or many others) for added energetic protection. This is such a wonderful way to denote your love for someone with a scientific mind!

16. Royal Blue Long-Distance Bracelets

We often associate the color blue with relationships- it symbolizes loyalty, truth, wisdom and stability. These are all traits we look for in relationships, and this set of  Royal blue long-distance bracelets is a great way to manifest those qualities. These gorgeous wrist adornments are made with real Aurora Borealis beads, and their rich, azure tones make it easy to daydream of when you and your partner can be together once again. Wear these bracelets at the same time and enjoy a feeling of mutual healing and energetic connection with your lover. 

17. Hers & Hers Bracelets 

These adorable Hers and hers bracelets both feature the Venus/female symbol. You can choose from a huge variety of colors for your bracelet set. This unique pair of couples’ bracelets delicately demonstrates your love for each other.

18. Amethyst Braided Couples’ Bracelets 

These Amethyst braided couples’ bracelets are a very personal gift for those whose birthstone is amethyst, or are great for anyone, for that matter! This popular crystal is known as an energetic protector, so it can be a great source of comfort if you can’t be there to protect your love in person. Amethyst can bring transparency in difficult situations and can help the wearer to see through untruthful people. It is also said to bring clarity of mind and good decision-making, both of which are important qualities to have in a love-term or long-distance relationship.

There are many different options when you’re looking for bracelets for couples or stone jewelry for vitality, so choose bracelets that represent you relationship and your beliefs best. Choosing bracelets for couples with healing gemstones will help you both feel more at ease when you’re apart.