Guide to Chakra Bracelets/Necklaces & Where to Buy Them

7 Chakra Bracelet and Amethyst Cluster

How interested are you in chakra bracelets and necklaces? At first glance, the jewelry is beautiful and colorful. When you learn more about it, you can discover that its purpose goes beyond aesthetic.

Think of chakra as your body’s natural wheel of energy. The chakras affect your physical, psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of life. If you do not keep your chakra in balance, you may feel discontent or unfulfilled.

The energies in need of balance can be represented through different colors and stones. Each has its own power characteristics for a more balanced chakra. If you’re interested in the background, benefits and use of chakra bracelets and chakra necklaces, we have a comprehensive guide, including finding jewelry in 2021.

What Are Chakra Bracelets and Chakra Necklaces?

Chakra jewelry includes necklaces and bracelets made from gemstones or crystals. In addition to being beautiful and eye-catching, they also support your well-being. Each stone corresponds to different chakras, so every bracelet or necklace may provide you with a personalized experience. 

Background of Chakra Jewelry

In yogic tradition, it is believed that there are seven wheels in your body. These wheels must turn to maintain the flow of energy in the body. The flow begins at the base of your spine and moves to the crown of your head. All ailments can be attributed to one of the Seven Chakras.

Each of the seven is linked to major organs in the body. If any of the chakras become blocked, your energy cannot flow and you may suffer physical and mental ailments as a result. Your chakras become blocked through negative thoughts, lack of exercise and poor diet.

People have used crystals for healing for thousands of years. The crystals release spiritual, mental and physical blockages. If you place those crystals on your body, they may have a powerful effect. Chakra healing jewelry has been used in India for centuries.

Benefits of Chakra Jewelry

The main reason that people choose chakra jewelry is they want to heal their flow of energy and to return to a harmonious state. When you have good intentions and believe in the bracelet’s power, you are more likely to see positive results.

Every day you undergo stress, worries, anxiety and confrontation. Negative emotions can begin to feel like a drain on your energy, but you may feel those negative emotions begin to subside with the appropriate gems. You are promoting a more positive mindset.

Some bracelets use diffuser beads that allow you to enhance them with aromatherapy and essential oils. For example, utilize lavender for a calming effect.

How Can You Use Chakra Bracelets and Necklaces?

The main reason that people choose chakra jewelry is they want to heal their flow of energy and to return to a harmonious state. When you have good intentions and believe in the bracelets’ power, you are more likely to see positive results. Additionally, wearing the bracelets keep you cognizant of your chakras and reminds you to work on them.

How To Wear Chakra Jewelry

When it comes to chakra jewelry, it helps to understand the different sides of your body. Your left side, for instance, is the feminine side. It is more sensitive and handles your internal self. Your left side represents the changes that you want to make internally. If you choose to wear chakra bracelets on your left wrist, you consciously control the stresses in your outside environment. To send the healing energies through yourself, wear the bracelet on the left side.

Your right side is the masculine side of the body or the action side. The action side deals with how you take action against the world outside. For example, the gemstones you wear on your right wrist can help in productivity and control the energy you put into the environment. If you want to align your chakras and release toxins from your body, you should wear the bracelets on your right wrist.

If you’re looking to balance your chakras and receive an energetic benefit, you need to wear both right and left-side gemstones. Never worry about making mistakes with the type of gemstone or side of your body. It can take trial and error to figure out your personal best balance.

Sacral Chakra

For your sacral chakra, choose orange beads and amber resin stones. The sacral chakra is located in your lower abdomen and is considered your feelings center. You may experience pride, hatred, anger, jealousy and more. It also represents positive qualities, such as confidence and faith.

Root Chakra

As your link to the Earth, the root chakra is associated with your security, independence, survival, vitality and personality. It is located in the base of your spine, and if it is out of balance, you may suffer from depression, fatigue, low back pain and neuropathy. For root chakra bracelets, focus on red beads and onyx stones.

Heart Chakra

The gemstone best for your heart chakra is rose quartz. Your heart is responsible for your empathy, kindness and compassion. When it is out of balance, you may suffer from despair, tension and circulatory issues. Along with rose quartz, the colors of beads that support the heart chakra are green.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Your solar plexus chakra is located in your abdomen. This is your mental, physical and spiritual wealth. It may also help you gain a sense of growth, development, power and self. If you have an imbalance, it affects your digestive, endocrine, memory and cardiovascular systems. To support your solar plexus chakra, you should consider yellow beads and tiger eye stones.

Third Eye Chakra

Your third eye chakra is between your eyes, on your forehead. This chakra links to your subconscious for wisdom and clarity. Your third eye is associated with psychic abilities and intuition. If you are in a state of imbalance, you may have difficulty sleeping, making decisions, learning or using your imagination. Lapis lazuli is the stone best suited for your third-eye chakra. When it comes to colors, think about indigo, blue and red.

Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra reflects inner truth and voice clarity. It controls your ability to trust, love, create, communicate and learn. Your throat is also where you purge other impurities. Any imbalance in your throat chakra results in hormonal, mood or thought disruptions.

To support your throat chakra, consider amazonite to provide you with grace and poise. Beads of blue to green colors support the energy flow of the throat chakra.

Crown Chakra

Your crown chakra is located at the top of your head. This is your connection to a power greater than you. You gain your sense of understanding and purpose from the crown chakra. If you have blockages, you may have mental instability, illness, headaches and coordination problems. To support your crown chakra, consider amethyst stones and violet beads.

How To Cleanse Your Chakra Jewelry

When you use crystals and gemstones for chakra healing, the stones take on energy. There are various ways to clean your jewelry of negative energy and return it to balance. You should never use water, salt or the sun because this can cause damage to your jewelry. The following are safe and effective cleaning methods.

Brown Rice Cleansing

Fill a bowl with uncooked brown rice. Next, place your necklace or bracelet into the rice and ensure that it is completely covered. You can keep the rice overnight to draw out any impurity or negative energy naturally. Once finished, discard the brown rice. You should never consume it after it has been used to cleanse negative energy.

Full Moon Cleansing

You can cleanse your jewelry outdoors or indoors. If you choose to cleanse outdoors, make sure that you do not place the jewelry out during freezing temperatures or if it may rain or snow. Check the weather report in advance to avoid any weather damage.

You should place your jewelry on a flat, raised surface. If necessary, cover with a glass bowl or jar to protect it. Do not let your necklace or bracelet remain there in the morning. Remove it as soon as possible to avoid sun damage.

To cleanse the jewelry indoors, place the crystals or gemstones on the windowsill. This should be a window where the moon will be visible at some point during the night.

Smudging Cleansing

To cleanse via smudging, use white sage bundles. Light the sage and blow out the flame before you pass your bracelet or necklace through the smoke. Do this a few times to cleanse it, then stub out your stick in a clean dish.

Where Can You Buy Chakra Bracelets and Chakra Necklaces in 2021?

If you shop online, there are a variety of places to find unique, effective chakra jewelry. To find the best items in 2021, we have compiled our list of favorite shops for you to check out.


At Myfaireden, we package all of our jewelry with positive intentions and love. Choose between pendants, Tree of Life-inspired bracelets, wrap bracelets and more when you shop with Myfaireden. We are devoted to delivering the best quality chakra jewelry to our clients. Our chakra jewelry may help you find the strength that you need.

Lovepray Jewelry

All of Lovepray Jewelry’s items are made in the U.S. It has one of the largest selections of chakra jewelry online. All of the designs are 100% unique and made by the in-house designers. The idea behind these chakra necklaces and bracelets is to provide you with beautiful, youthful jewelry that heals.

Unlock Your Chakra

Unlock Your Chakra designs beautiful bracelets utilizing high-quality gemstones. Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted in Los Angeles and created with intention and compassion. Chakra bracelets come in a variety of styles and colors. You have options ranging from simple single-strand bracelets to wooden bracelets with several layers.

The Yoga Mandala Store

The Yoga Mandala Store does not create its own bracelets and necklaces but instead finds spiritual jewelry to deliver to clients. They make it easy to find the styles of chakra jewelry that appeal to you and help you along on your spiritual journey.

Chakra Galaxy

Chakra Galaxy is a shop that offers a wide variety of yoga and mediation products. These products include apparel, mats, bags, props and more. The chakra necklaces and bracelets come in a variety of styles and colors for men and women. Styles include beaded bracelets, stone and leather bracelets and charm jewelry.

Find Beauty and Healing in Chakra Bracelets and Chakra Necklaces

Your mental and physical health may suffer if your chakras are not balanced. If you’re interested in the healing power of crystals and gemstones, then it only makes sense to consider wearing gemstones close to your skin for added benefits. When choosing which pieces of jewelry might benefit you, you need to think about the areas of your life that you want to improve. For example, the bracelet to help you find your inner truth may be different than the bracelet that bolsters pleasure.

At Myfaireden, we provide a variety of products for an affordable price. We understand the importance of balance and how healing gemstones can restore order to your life. To find out more about how to shop with us, contact Myfaireden today!