Green Goldstone: Meaning and Healing Properties

Green Goldstone tumbled

Green goldstone is a beautiful dark green stone with plenty of depth to its coloring, often appearing glittery with a space-like quality. Green goldstone is well known for its healing qualities but is also particularly useful for enhancing psychic abilities and spirit communication. If you’re thinking about adding green goldstone to your altar or crystal collection, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn everything you need to know about green goldstone.

What is green goldstone?

Green goldstone is a human-made gemstone mixed with the mineral copper that is treated to give it a sparkly appearance. Goldstone also comes in reddish-brown, blue, and purple, but many people favor the soothing dark green of this particular crystal. 

Legend has it that an order of Italian monks unintentionally spilled copper shavings into a container of melted glass, thus creating goldstone. Others believe that the same monks tried to make gold and created goldstone instead. Either way, we now have a gorgeous, dark green crystal with beautiful flecks of glitter.

This glitter comes from copper, which is a powerful conduit for sending and moving, making green goldstone a great assistant for distance healing. If you look at a goldstone crystal under a microscope, you’ll notice tiny triangular faces of copper crystals reflecting light from several depths beneath the surface of the glass.

What is green goldstone’s meaning?

Green goldstone heals feelings of hurt and balances the energy between the emotional body and the heart. Green goldstone’s vibrations offer support and comfort during challenging times of transition. It increases the user’s inner vision, increases self-confidence, and even fortifies mutual communication with the Divine.

Green goldstone transmits energetic willpower and courage to the wearer, making them feel encouraged and motivated to pursue their goals and dreams. Offering the strength to focus on achieving whatever leads the wearer to their ultimate purpose, this crystal helps attract abundance and prosperity. And since it was originally designed and created by humans, it radiates the powerful energy of genius, creativity, and innovation.

Green goldstone is linked with the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Taurus, both of which are often characterized as adventurous and stubborn risk-takers. These traits make green goldstone’s balancing and grounding energy the perfect talisman for those who are indecisive and impulsive.  

Does green goldstone have healing properties? 

Yes, green goldstone is best known for its energetic healing properties, but it has also been beneficial for some for physical ailments.

Energetic Healing

Green goldstone restores and balances the wearer’s energy, bringing them prosperity, positivity, focus, and insight. It instills confidence in the wearer’s decision-making, ensuring that they are certain about their choices.

Spiritually, green goldstone is believed to provide spiritual protection and enhance one’s psychic abilities and communication. According to metaphysical healing lore, green goldstone can even help with physical healing, alleviating pain and inflammation in particular. 

Green goldstone helps shine a light on counterproductive thoughts and behavior patterns, giving us an insight into any self-sabotage we may be unconsciously practicing. It’s ideal for those who tend to get caught up in their emotions and make impulsive decisions based on knee-jerk reactions. Green goldstone calms the wearer, allowing them to make careful and thoughtful decisions rather than rushing into something they may regret.

Not only does green goldstone promote positivity, enlightenment, confidence, and decisiveness, but it also protects the wearer from taking on someone else’s negative energy. It diverts unhelpful, toxic, and unpleasant energy from the wearer, saving them from experiencing anything uncomfortable, bothersome, and disturbing. 

Physical Healing

Some have also found that green goldstone has helped soothe some of their physical ailments, such as arthritis and other joint and bone disorders, circulatory issues, headaches and migraines, and general pain relief. If you suffer from a chronic illness such as arthritis or migraines, try wearing green goldstone or carrying it with you to see if it helps ease your symptoms.

Which chakra does green goldstone align with? 

Green goldstone connects to the heart chakra, which is the center of love, empathy, compassion, and forgiveness. This chakra emits feminine energy and is elementally associated with air. Its mantra is “I love.”

The heart chakra is always worth strengthening and cultivating because it’s the fourth of the seven chakras – the halfway point of the chakra system and the unifier of the chakras.

A blockage in the heart chakra can often result in trouble with relationships, feelings of isolation, and low self-esteem. For this reason, green goldstone can help those who are feeling lost and insecure in a relationship or themselves. 

How can I use green goldstone for healing purposes? 

As with all crystals, green goldstone is most commonly worn in the form of jewelry. Green goldstone also works well in meditation. Here is a simple way to meditate using this crystal:

  • Sit somewhere comfortable and quiet with your eyes closed
  • Set yourself a specific amount of time for this meditation and allow yourself to focus solely on yourself for that time
  • Sit tall with an extended spine, and begin to breathe deeply
  • Hold your green goldstone crystal and feel its vibration.
  • Breath slowly and calmly, focusing solely on how you feel right now
  • If you begin to lose focus, don’t feel guilty- instead, gently bring yourself to the present 
  • Focus your thoughts on your heart center and feel the green goldstone’s soothing energy healing you. Release any worries, unease, or heaviness, focusing on your breathing and how your body feels in the moment
  • Continue this for as long as you’d like, and when you’re ready to return from your meditation, open your eyes and bring your awareness into the room
  • Do this as often as you need- make a habit of it or just meditate with your green goldstone when you need some mental and spiritual clarity

You can also use green goldstone and journaling to help manifest success. Keep your green goldstone nearby, or hold it in one hand while you write. Feel its motivational and encouraging vibrations as you visualize and manifest whatever it is that you want to achieve. After you’ve finished writing, take a deep breath and seal the thoughts with affirmations like “I am worthy of success” and “I deserve to live a happy life.”

If affirmations work particularly well for you, here are some others you can chant as mantras, write down, or simply think to yourself: 

  • I have a clear mind and can make healthy and positive decisions for myself.
  • I am emotionally balanced.
  • I face life’s challenges with confidence, strength, positivity.
  • My daily habits help me to create the nourishing and happy life I deserve.
  • I am emotionally and spiritually healed.
  • I welcome calmness, positivity, and peace into my life.

How to Cleanse Green Goldstone

After you have used your green goldstone for healing purposes, it’s important to charge and cleanse it of the energy it has absorbed. To do this, you can smudge your crystal by burning sage or palo santo around the stone and consciously focusing on clearing it of any negativity it may have picked up. You can also cleanse in any of the other popular ways to cleanse crystals, from leaving it in the sun, running water over it, and leaving it out in the moonlight.

Green goldstone is a beautiful and powerful crystal that has helped many people to feel secure and supported during challenging times. For those who are experiencing heartbreak, an energetically draining relationship, or even just slight emotional discomfort, this stone is uplifting and comforting. Its fabulously dark green hue and glittering compounds make for a truly unique stone that can assist you in your journey towards enlightenment.