Crystals for Empaths: How to Select Jewelry for Protection

Variety of healing crystal pendants

Empathy is a wonderful trait to have.  As a human being, you have likely shared in joy, sadness, or anger with a friend or family member. This sharing of emotion does not automatically make you an empath, though. A true empath is more than just a sensitive person, a good listener, or someone who is willing to sit with you when you are going through a difficult time; however, an empath may function as all of the above. Read on to discover if you are one of these special souls and learn how healing crystals for empaths can help you achieve a state of calm, self-love, and peace.

What is an Empath?

Now that you understand that an empath is not simply another term for someone who uses empathy, you might wonder what the term means when used to describe another person. Though an empath is often overly sensitive, kind, and intuitive, empaths who are unaware of how to protect themselves can often come across as disconnected, overwhelmed, or even angry. An empath is someone who:

  • Is aware and tuned into others’ feelings — and, much to this person’s discomfort, is often unable to turn this trait off.
  • Is extremely sensitive. It’s possible for someone to be a highly sensitive person without being a true empath, but people like this tend to run together, and for good reason: sensitive people are highly perceptive and see the world in a way that is different than the norm.
  • Is an “emotional sponge”. Judith Orloff, a UCLA psychiatrist who is herself an empath and intuitive healer, coined this term when speaking of those who absorb energy from the world around them. This, among other reasons, is an excellent reason to learn more about the healing powers of crystals for empaths when it comes to blocking negative energy and protecting your own.

How To Tell if You are an Empath

Have you ever found yourself crying and not knowing why? Maybe you have felt a rush of sudden anger or frustration around a certain person without having a reason for being angry or frustrated yourself. Many empaths pick up on the feelings of others without knowing they are doing so. You might be an empath if you:

1. Take on Others’ Pain and Feel Overwhelmed Easily

Do you ever feel fatigued during a conversation with an emotional friend? Do you feel tired and frazzled after spending time in large crowds, like at the mall or movie theater, even if you have not spoken to anyone all day? If you’re an empath and you don’t respect your own emotional boundaries, you will walk the world as an exhausted, frazzled soul, and you will not be able to help anyone else — even when you want to.

2. Have a Lot of Empathy for Others

This one sounds like a no-brainer, right? Of course, empaths have a great deal of empathy. The difference in empaths’ empathy is that it is unstoppable, automatic, and, again, often too much for empaths to handle. Young empaths often experience burnout because they try to care for too many people or animals at once.

3. Feel Ambivalent about Intimacy

This one is a little tricky to explain: As an empath, you crave intimacy, but you might also avoid it. A deep soul connection is the one thing you want most out of life. If you are an empath, though, developing a bond with another person, especially in its earlier stages, will cause a great deal of stress, emotional turmoil, and even sensory overload.

4. Experience Sensitivity to Sensory Input

In the medical world, they might call it “sensory processing disorder” or “sensory sensitivity”. If you are—compared to others—abnormally sensitive to sounds, touch, and other sensory input, you might be an empath. This sensitivity can make everyday life extremely difficult. If you are an empath, you understand. If you are not—imagine being in a crowded place while being bombarded by loud music, brushed by others’ clothing and arms as they walk by, and emotionally overwhelmed for a reason unbeknownst to you. That is not everyone’s experience, but it is sadly true for several empaths who do not understand how to shield themselves from the wear and tear of everyday life.

Crystals, Stones, and Jewelry for Empaths

So, you are sure that you are an empath. Congratulations! Despite what it sometimes feels like, being an empath can be a wonderful thing. You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn more about crystals for empaths and how they can assist someone like you to navigate the emotional bombardment you may experience on a daily basis. Crystals can be a powerful protector in the empath’s toolkit. Here are just a few ways in which crystal jewelry might benefit you:

1. Help You Feel Grounded

Any crystal you wear on your body can offer you some powerful benefits. A crystal that you wear specifically for grounding will help give you a sense of peace and calm in an otherwise overwhelming situation. Wearing a piece of jewelry or using a stand-alone crystal that balances your root chakra — like this beautiful black obsidian point — will help you keep calm in a situation that whips your emotions around like you’re in the middle of a stormy, unpredictable sea.

2. Mitigate Anxiety

You might not have an inborn fear of public speaking or approaching strangers for directions, but many empaths struggle with moderate to severe anxiety due to their expectations of the world. Will you have to spend an afternoon in a meeting with negative, disgruntled coworkers? What about holidays with family, when there’s so much activity, noise, and mixed emotions that are constantly fluctuating from all sides? Use tiger eye to unleash your bold side and lessen your anxiety. Additionally, you can wear lapis lazuli to help you unlock creativity and choose your words carefully in delicate or emotional situations.

3. Promote Positive Energies

If you’re visiting a sick friend, dealing with a difficult relative, or if you just need a boost of love and acceptance in the world today (don’t we all?), remember that some crystals for empaths can help to promote positive energy and others can deflect negative energy. Both are powerful tools in the empath’s arsenal for attaining what might have been elusive thus far: emotional balance, a clear head, and an open heart. Rose quartz, because it is linked to the heart chakra, will help grow your feelings of unconditional love—both for yourself and for those who you might need some help loving. On the flipside, use pink agate to neutralize the negative energy that might otherwise ruin your day.

Crystals can be worn as necklaces or bracelets, tucked into pockets, or placed on the corner of your desk at work. Several of our necklaces are fitted with a black lava stone that functions as a tiny, personal essential oil diffuser so you can pair the crystals you need with your favorite essential oils as well! If you need crystals to take on your walk through life, we’ve got you covered with several bracelets and necklaces you can wear. Discover My Fair Eden’s collection of healing crystals and jewelry and begin your journey of energy protection, balance, and self-love today.