90 Citrine Affirmations to Help You Find Wealth, Success, & Creativity

Citrine crystal double points

Citrine is a beautiful yellow-gold stone associated with wealth, success, creativity, positivity, and optimism. Keeping this stone in your home or anywhere you spend a lot of time will help you benefit from its energy, but using affirmations with it will help you intensify your results.

Affirmations are the perfect way to help you set your intentions (which the brain finds easier to work with than wishes or even goals) and start to rewire the way you think. When you work with the vibrations of citrine, you can amplify the results your hard work is producing.

To ensure you get the most from working with your citrine, we’ve rounded up the best affirmations you can use with your citrine to get the best results as soon as possible.

Why use affirmations with citrine?

Citrine affirmations help you:

  • Strengthen your solar plexus chakra: Citrine is directly linked with the solar plexus chakra, which is the chakra in the middle of your torso, around the bottom of your rib cage. Both your solar plexus chakra and citrine share the same yellow-gold color. Citrine unblocks the solar plexus chakra to offer you a wealth of creativity, confidence, and success.
  • Develop creativity: Creativity and the creative state is something that quickly dries up when we’re in a lack state, and citrine is all about abundance and positivity. Working with citrine will help you open yourself back up to the flow of creative energy and help you move into an abundance state, especially where the flow of ideas is concerned.
  • Increase your confidence: Most of us struggle with our confidence at one time or another, but citrine helps to encourage feelings of joy and enthusiasm, which cannot be present without confidence. If you often feel lacking in self-esteem, working with a citrine stone can help you see yourself in a new, more positive light so you can welcome the abundance the energy of citrine can bring.
  • Promote financial stability and prosperity: One of citrine’s most popular qualities is as a money and prosperity attractor. Citrine is one of the top abundance stones (known as the merchant’s stone) and is especially useful for those starting a business, looking to grow their business, want to move up the ladder in their career, move into a new career field, or to help manifest better job opportunities for their loved ones.

How do you use affirmations with citrine?

The best way to use affirmations with citrine is to “program” your citrine with your chosen affirmation(s). This will ensure your citrine carries the energy of your affirmation. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an affirmation – choose an affirmation that speaks to you, or a handful of affirmations (more than 5 makes it difficult, so try to keep it to a maximum of 3 per stone ideally) from the extensive list below. Memorize your affirmations or write them down by hand on a piece of paper so your citrine can sit on it to stay in the energy of that affirmation when you’re not using it.
  2. Cleanse your citrine – before you program your citrine affirmations, it’s best to cleanse it to rid it of past energies. Even if your stone is new, you don’t know what it may have picked up in transit, so cleanse it first. Citrine is safe to cleanse in water, so this is the fastest way to cleanse it (run it in water for 2-5 minutes), though another option is to set it out in the moonlight overnight.
  3. Find a quiet, private space – Make sure you’ve got some quiet time away from others to program your citrine so other people’s energies don’t contaminate it.
  4. Program your citrine – When you’ve got a few moments to yourself, put your citrine in your receiving hand (your left hand) and take a few breaths. Repeat your chosen affirmation(s) aloud 3-5 times, until you feel the emotion behind the affirmation(s). Visualize what you want and how you feel when you achieve what you want. When you’ve done this, and feel you’ve said and thought of everything positive, your citrine is programmed.

Below, you can find inspiration for your citrine affirmations – we’ve divided them up into three categories; wealth, creativity, and confidence to help you find the right affirmations for you.

30 Citrine Affirmations for Wealth

  1. A prosperous life is my right simply from my being alive.
  2. I am worthy of all my desires.
  3. Money flows to me effortlessly.
  4. I do not need to work hard to have a lot of money.
  5. I live in an abundant world.
  6. Money is energy, and I am a magnet for it.
  7. Money helps give me freedom and options.
  8. With the power of money, I make the world a better place.
  9. I repel negative money mindsets.
  10. I attract people with a positive money mindset.
  11. I am good at managing money.
  12. I can learn to manage my money.
  13. I am wealthy.
  14. I see opportunities to make money all around me.
  15. There is so much abundance in the world that I can have everything I desire and there will still be plenty for others.
  16. I can handle large financial transactions with ease.
  17. I charge fairly for what I do.
  18. I attract money to me effortlessly.
  19. I let go of all resistance to being wealthy.
  20. I am open to receiving money from positive unexpected sources.
  21. Money is on its way to me right now.
  22. Money is unlimited.
  23. Being paid well does not deprive anyone else of anything.
  24. I know what to do to make more money.
  25. My capacity for money expands each day.
  26. I am the steward of my money, not the other way around.
  27. My debt does not define me.
  28. I forgive myself for making mistakes with money in the past.
  29. I can stick to a budget and live happily.
  30. Every positive money action plants a seed for greater wealth.

30 Citrine Affirmations for Creativity

  1. My creativity is boundless.
  2. I am talented.
  3. I can always find a creative solution.
  4. My ideas are innovative.
  5. My voice needs to be heard.
  6. Creativity flows through my veins.
  7. I find inspiration wherever I go. 
  8. I find new ideas all the time.
  9. I find it exciting to take creative risks.
  10. I always find time to create.
  11. I easily connect with the creative energy of the universe.
  12. I cherish my time off as it refills my creative well.
  13. I feel alive and excited when I have the opportunity to create.
  14. I have an abundance of creative energy.
  15. I am a gifted artist/creator/author.
  16. My subconscious knows how to create incredible things.
  17. I can create an incredible income with my creativity.
  18. I am filled with creative energy.
  19. I am a passionate creator.
  20. I don’t need permission to express my creativity.
  21. I follow my soul to create what the world needs.
  22. My creative skills are improving every day.
  23. I am allowed to disconnect from uncreative people and situations.
  24. My creativity creates things that are for the highest good.
  25. My creativity touches people.
  26. I am a creative being.
  27. Creativity makes me joyful.
  28. Creativity is an irrevocable part of my life.
  29. My art allows me to enter a state of flow few people get to experience.
  30. There is no right way to be creative, just my way and your way.

30 Citrine Affirmations for Confidence

  1. I always make choices that are in my best interest.
  2. Everything I need to succeed is already within me.
  3. I am confident I can always find the answers.
  4. I am worthy of all the good things that come to me.
  5. I offer value to the world simply by my existence.
  6. I trust my ability to make the right decisions.
  7. I have the right to contribute to every conversation.
  8. I find it easy to problem-solve.
  9. I face my fears with grace.
  10. I am always growing stronger.
  11. A setback is not a failure, it’s merely an obstacle.
  12. I am the architect of my life.
  13. I trust my intuition to guide me.
  14. I believe in myself.
  15. I will overcome all my limiting beliefs, but I can succeed now.
  16. I value myself and all I do.
  17. I believe I can reach all my goals.
  18. I am good at talking to people.
  19. I am a good public speaker.
  20. I freely give and accept compliments.
  21. My insecurities are not limitations.
  22. I love that I am different from those around me.
  23. I will find people who appreciate my gifts when I need them.
  24. I don’t need to be perfect to have everything I want.
  25. My feelings are valid.
  26. I stand up for myself and others who need me to speak up for them.
  27. I am a bold leader.
  28. I can do hard things.
  29. I know that I can rise up after negative circumstances.
  30. I create a safe space for others to be themselves.

You can use these affirmations word-for-word, to take parts of them and rework them to best suit you. Remember, the intention behind the affirmation is more important than the exact words you use. To keep your citrine in the right energy, write your affirmations down, fold up the paper, and sit your crystal on top of it when you’re not actively working with it.

Programming crystals this way is an incredibly powerful way to work with your stones, and you can do this same ritual with other stones in your collection to maximize their benefits working alone or with other stones.