Best Stones for Attracting Money and Prosperity

Mix of gemstones with cash money on wooden table

Gemstones and crystals all carry with them unique spiritual properties. As each mineral is distinguished by its unique molecular structure, this molecular structure in turn produces a unique vibration. It is for this reason that some stones are better for attracting wealth and prosperity than others. As you seek out stones for money and prosperity, keep in mind that the key for wealth in your life might be a specific combination of stones. Some stones, such as amber, are better for bringing new wealth into your life, while other stones, such as labradorite, can protect you from losing money that you already have. It can take years of study to become a true expert in the esoteric properties of all minerals that you are likely to encounter in your lifetime. However we will give you an understanding of the best stones for abundance and how to use them.

Gemstones To Bring New Money to Your Life

While there is a great deal of nuance to the specific effects of one stone to another, stones of wealth can be separated into two categories: wealth-attracting and wealth-preserving. Let’s begin with the wealth-attracting:


for starting a new business: Quartz is universally known as the stone of luck, which means it can help ensure the success of a new business endeavor or job interview. The quartz stone is so much more than that, however, as it can also open up the heart chakra when worn on the chest, helping you to be receptive to new opportunities. This stone is most powerful for people born under Aquarius. You can multiply your money tenfold if you keep a piece of quartz on top of a stack of bills.


for making good deals:  Malachite is the stone of new beginnings, and it is particularly effective when used by people with the Cancer, Scorpio or Taurus signs. Some will say that you can obtain fame and fortune by using malachite, but the way to use it goes deeper than that. Malachite can ensure successful financial deals, so to get the most out of it, wear it when going to an important meeting that regards your finances.


for attracting and multiplying money: Well-known for its powers that are utilized in the ancient art of Feng Shui, jade can bring you not just more money but new friends as well. One of the best ways to use jade is to give you more clarity in all of your life’s decisions, especially if you are a Pisces born in March specifically. Keep a jade stone with you when you are about to make a big investment decision.


for a windfall: If you feel as though your financial situation is out of control, aventurine can help you to manifest the financial break you have been looking for. When worn during gambling, aventurine can give you that extra push of good luck to get a winning streak. But if gambling isn’t your thing, you can also take advantage of this stone’s benefits when paying bills or selling products. People of any zodiac sign can effectively use Aventurine, but if you want the best effects, you will need to carry eight stones together.

Gemstones To Preserve Your Wealth

If you have been lucky or worked very hard in life so far, you may already have a sizeable wealth. Maybe you already figured out what stone to wear for wealth and have attracted plenty of money into your life. A problem that all wealthy people face is the challenge of how to manage their finances, but luckily there are stones to help with that as well:


to regain lost wealth: For those who have run into an obstacle or misfortune that swallowed up their assets, sapphire can help restore your life to abundance. Not only can this stone lead to future success and promotion, but it can also help you make wise decisions in the present, especially if you are a Gemini. Sapphire can also help when switching career paths.


for protection: This stone is perfect for keeping good energy and wealth in your life thanks to its twofold protective quality. It acts as an energetic barrier that protects you from negative energy and leeching while also containing your positive energy so it does not leak out. It will help you keep your money by steering you away from bad decisions. This stone works best for people born under Sagittarius, Scorpio or Leo.


to remedy financial hardship: Pyrite is shiny and reflective, and when found in nature is sometimes mistaken for gold, hence it’s named “fool’s gold.” It is so named because mistaken miners will hope to sell it for its weight in gold and only get the price of this much more common pyrite mineral. However, the real fools are the ones who do not see the other more esoteric ways in which pyrite can bring in wealth. This stone can bring new opportunities and can help you to recover from a big loss.

Stones of General Wealth

Some stones that fall somewhere in the middle, sharing traits of both of the above groups. These stones can help protect wealth or gain new wealth. When choosing one of these, let your intuition guide you. Amber is just as effective for bringing in new wealth as it can be for restoring what has been lost. Best used by an Aquarius or a Leo, it holds the power of the sun. Whenever you invest money, you can cleanse negative energies around it by resting an amber stone on it. Tigers eye helps you to face new challenges with confidence. It can bring a new perspective to a situation that will help you to make the most out of it. And lastly, citrine will help to foster the positive attitudes that reinforce successful financial decision-making.