The Best 11 Crystals for Bathrooms: Boost Your Positivity

Amethyst and celestite geode crystals in bathroom

Crystals aren’t something we often use in the bathroom, perhaps besides some relaxing baths or when cleansing our crystals under running water. But did you know that there are crystals for your bathroom that can help you relax, unwind, and find positive energy when used in there consistently?

Crystals are an ancient source of comfort, protection, and serenity for those who are open to their high vibrations and positive energy. We hold crystals when meditating, wear them as jewelry, and place them around the home to offer protection against negativity and emotional discomfort. 

The bathroom is often a neglected space in the home, and you’ll be surprised by how much your energy levels can rise with the right crystals in the bathroom. Let’s look at which crystals are (and aren’t) a good idea in your bathroom, and what they can do for you. 

Why should I place crystals in my bathroom?

Think about the time you spend in the bathroom; it’s probably the room you use the least, but when it comes to self-care, it’s vital. Most of us use the bathroom for skin care rituals, moisturizing, and cleansing. It’s where we shower first thing in the morning and brush our teeth as we wind down for the evening, so it’s a transitional space we inhabit as our energy levels change. It’s also often a place we go for a moment or two of respite from the day and our responsibilities.

We are also often at our most vulnerable. We let down our shields, literally and figuratively, and can be critical of our bodies. We look in the mirror and, often rather than smiling at ourselves, immediately call out all our flaws.

If there’s one area we need energetic healing and help, it’s in the bathroom. With the right energy, we can turn this vulnerable space into one that’s a place for healing and self-love. Instead of being cold and practical, it can be warm and inviting. This is where crystals for bathrooms come in.

11 Best Crystals for Your Bathroom

Generally, you’re safe to use any member of the Quartz family around water, but many other crystals are good options. Your bathroom should be a place of calm and tranquility, so you may want to opt for stones with grounding properties and anything that helps you connect with your heart and root chakras.

Some of the best crystals to consider are:

  • Amber: Amber is known for its ability to absorb stagnant energy, which makes it a good one to use if you often find yourself holding grudges or if you feel stuck in an energetic rut. It has also historically been used as a talisman for warriors, giving them strength and courage. If you have a pump-up playlist you listen to in the morning to get in the right energy to tackle the day, amber will be a great companion.
  • Amethyst: This gorgeous purple stone is often referred to as the crystal of sobriety. It’s carried by those healing from addiction and impulsive tendencies, but it can also soothe the unpleasant effects of alcohol on the body. So if you find yourself splashing cool water on your face the morning after a party, make sure you’ve got some amethyst in your bathroom while you bathe.

    While amethyst represents many of the qualities those born in February (Sun Aquarius sign) have, it is also a stone that can help open your crown chakra and help encourage deeper dreams. For this reason, if you like to shower or bathe before bed, amethyst is a good stone to have around to help you settle for a restful night.
  • Angelite: Known as a purifying crystal, this gemstone is commonly used by those dealing with stress or anxiety, and even physical issues like inflammation. For centuries, Angelite has been used as a talisman to protect against evil spirits and even physical illness.

Angelite also comes in several colors, such as glacier blue and lilac, so choose whichever calls to you.

  • Bloodstone: While it may sound like an unusual choice for a bathroom, Bloodstone is a fantastic addition to any bathroom. It’s a mysterious-looking, dark green stone, but it gets its name from the bright red, vein-like lines that run through it. Bloodstone is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for good health and vitality; it connects to the root chakra, realigning and balancing your energy. This crystal was often used by warriors and soldiers seeking bravery as they fought against their enemies, but there’s no reason you can’t harness that same energy for a difficult day at work!
  • Carnelian: Many people use this crystal as a talisman of protection against energetic imbalance and uncertainty. It’s often used in meditation for those who seek motivation and confidence to embark on new ventures, so if you tend to meditate during your baths or ponder your life decisions in the shower, Carnelian is the one for you!
  • Citrine: Often known as one of the most cheerful crystals, Citrine is a lovely addition to any room if you’re feeling glum and low-energy. It’s the birthstone of November, which can often bring a lot of uncertainty and despondency as the days shorten and our collective energy wanes. Citrine is a beautiful stone to have in the bathroom; use it to focus on the day ahead before you begin your morning routine and look to it for cheer and joy at the end of a hard day.
  • Green Aventurine: This crystal’s soft, blue-green hue is welcoming and comforting, but it’s not just a pretty face! Green Aventurine is often used by those who wish for specific outcomes from important work meetings, interviews, and social gatherings. Like Rose Quartz (which we’ll cover later), this crystal connects with the heart chakra, making it a perfect crystal for bathrooms.
  • Jade: Known as the stone of luck and prosperity, this healing crystal is perfect for your bathroom. Jade is often used in beauty regimens, with many people using the crystal for skin rollers and Gua Sha tools, bringing fresh blood to the surface for fresh and youthful skin.
  • Selenite: This stone is a variety of the mineral gypsum and contains minerals used to purify water. This versatile healing crystal is said to transmute negative energy, balance emotions, and amplify the power of other crystals, which can be helpful if you practice Reiki or another form of energy healing. It’s also a beautiful clear crystal, so it can amplify the other crystals you use it with and will help you find clarity while reflecting in the shower or bathtub.
  • Smoky Quartz: This crystal is commonly used to purify its environment, cleansing any negative energy. Its calming and grounding properties can help make your evening wind-down regimen more peaceful, which is invaluable after a long and stressful day.
  • Rose Quartz: Unsurprisingly, this member of the Quartz family is another example of a great bathroom crystal. It’s often used by those seeking a stronger sense of self-love; it’s inherently connected to the heart chakra, making it the perfect choice if you’re feeling a little low on self-esteem. Since bathrooms are the room we tend to spend the most time looking in the mirror, anything that makes us feel more secure and self-assured is a good choice.

Are there any crystals I should not keep in my bathroom?

Yes, certain crystals don’t respond well to being submerged in water or even placed in moist or humid environments. Given that a bathroom is a wet place, it’s important that you choose the right ones to avoid them losing their sheen, color, and healing vibrations. Here are some crystals you should avoid placing in your bathroom:

  • Calcite, Labradorite, Rhodonite, and Selenite (water-soluble)
  • Fluorite (toxic in water and water-soluble)
  • Hematite (can rust in water) 
  • Lapis Lazuli (toxic in water and can break)
  • Lepidolite (can flake apart)
  • Malachite, Moldavite, and Obsidian (may break in hot water)
  • Opal (may crack in hot water)
  • Pyrite (produces sulfuric acid when placed in water)
  • Turquoise (will lose its color if exposed to water for too long)

Which part of my bathroom should I place my crystals in?

Ultimately, where you place your crystals is up to you, but most of us have limited space in our bathrooms. Try dedicating one corner of your bathroom counter to your crystals if that’s the case for you. You can always move them to the edge of your bathtub when you bathe to keep your crystals closer while you need their energy.

Similarly, if you’re looking to cultivate more of a specific energy, keep those crystals close to where you need them. For example, keep your rose quartz somewhere you can see it as you get ready in the morning, or put clear quartz in your shower for more productive thinking sessions.

Crystals for Your Bathroom

There are plenty of crystals that will infuse your bathroom with calming, inspiring, comforting, and loving energy. The bathroom may be the place you bathe in water, but there’s no reason why you can’t also use the bathroom to bathe in warm, comforting, and protective energies, as well! So, whether you’re looking to start off small or fill your bathroom with gemstones of all colors, shapes, and sizes, you have lots of beautiful choices.