The Top 8 Best Crystals for Bath Time

Woman bathing with crystals for spiritual cleansing

Bathing with crystals is a natural way to elevate your bathing experience. Humans have always had a connection with water and its cleansing properties. Whether the reasoning behind bathing has been hygienic reasons or social ones, whether people are cleansing themselves in preparation for a big day or in relaxation after a long week, baths are an important part of the human experience.

Why Use Crystals in the Bath

Using crystals in the bath to set your intentions is an elemental and sensible step toward better living. Different crystals will have different effects on your body and mind, so it is vital that you choose the right crystal for your particular needs of the day. 

Crystals To Consider for Bath Time 

The following crystals are safe for crystal baths and will help you center yourself and manifest your future in precisely the way you desire. 


Amethyst Tumbled Stone

Amethysts are among the most popular crystals for a good reason; they are a wonderful option for stress relief, healing and calmness. They are easily accessible for those inexperienced with using crystals and are a powerful introduction to their healing abilities.

Amethyst crystals can be used to promote hormonal balance and balance metabolism. Cleansing and detoxifying, many turn to them when they need clarity of mind and spirit. The purple gemstone is also well-known to help fight insomnia, allowing you to find peace in your body and your mind. Run a hot bath with amethyst before bedtime to help give yourself the sweet sleep your body and your spirit needs. 


Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone

This style of quartz is typically green and is sometimes called “green aventurine,” but it can come in many colors. It has a shimmer to it, referred to as “aventurescence,” that represents its ability to help you get your own shimmer back. Bathing with an aventurine stone can bring you comfort, connecting you to your positive, hopeful self.

It helps to ease the tension of the body and clear the mind of cobwebs, revitalizing your imagination and reinvigorating your creative process. It is often used for luck, and it would be an excellent stone to bathe with before a big endeavor, perhaps an important date or big meeting at work.

Black Tourmaline 

Black tourmaline is a dark stone, but it can bring much light into your life and is superb for resetting your emotional balance. When you experience overwhelming feelings, black tourmaline can help draw out those negative emotions. For empaths who take on the emotional pain of others, carrying those emotions can be a heavy burden that black tourmaline can help relieve. If you have a job where you have to give much of yourself to others and, in turn, take much of them into yourself, black tourmaline can help draw out those things that are not yours to keep.

Black tourmaline can also cleanse your aura and take negative emotions from you. If you are feeling anger, jealousy, unworthiness or other damaging feelings toward yourself or another, bathing with black tourmaline can help release those feelings and restore your confident sense of self.


Carnelian is a stone of creativity that helps connect you to your inner desire, infusing your body with life. Its colors are like a sunset, ranging from pale pinks to burnt orange to rich red, the color of passion. Fittingly, it is best used when you are feeling desirous or would like to get in touch with your sensuality. Bathing with carnelian would be perfect when preparing for an evening of passion or when you are hoping to enliven and awaken your inner sensualist.

For those suffering from back and body pain, carnelian can also help heal it. The stone’s warmth combines with the water to give sweet relief from pain. It can also reinvigorate those who are feeling down or tired from life’s wear and tears and can be used to help flush toxic relationships to alcohol, drugs or other unnecessary chemicals from the system.


Rough Citrine Point

A variation of quartz, citrine is a gorgeous summery stone, yellow and warm in nature. It is a bright crystal intended to enliven and uplift your spirit. Citrine is used for those who are in need of energy but do not want to be overwhelmed by it. It is a balancing crystal and will help you achieve a naturally positive mood.

Those who are suffering from a difficult time or from a negative experience may find comfort and joy in the use of citrine. When you have had a bad day or are feeling blue, run a warm bath with citrine and let it help you remember the powerful contentment you can feel when you are at one with your mind, body and spirit.

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz Worry Stone

A rose-colored variety of quartz, rose quartz is a darling among crystals, known for its pale pink color and translucence. Its feminine strength helps lift spirits and open hearts. Associated with love and abundance, rose quartz is often used by those looking for more loving relationships in their lives or stronger bonds between them and their beloveds. This includes babies and children, with rose quartz often being used by pregnant mothers throughout pregnancy to protect the babies growing within their wombs.

In addition to helping with your relationships with others, rose quartz also has healing properties that help you heal the wounds of self-hatred or self-criticism. When you are looking for a deeper, more intentional relationship, whether with yourself or others, run a bath with rose quartz to help you manifest the love you crave and need.


Selenite Pyramid

Selenite is a form of the mineral gypsum and is notable for its pearly white coloring. Used frequently for its soothing properties, selenite is perfect for clearing the mind and body of negative energies that can leach away your power. Selenite strengthens the body while bringing it peace and flexibility. It is particularly helpful to those who have skeletal issues.

For those suffering from anxiety and depression, selenite can help alleviate some of the worry and weariness. Draw a bath and bring selenite into it to help unburden yourself and reconnect with your peace.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger Eye Crystal Chips

Tiger’s eye is a uniquely colored stone with its rich brown stripes with golden tones and its silky luster. A powerful healing stone, it helps to balance both the physical and emotional, encouraging self-confidence and diminishing negative emotions. Tiger’s eye is known for strengthening those who use it, enriching their vitality and motivating their spirit.

Sufferers of seasonal depression especially can benefit from tiger’s eye, as it can hold heat from the sun in its warmth and connect them to brighter days. If you could use a lighter, more lively and focused essence, bathe with tiger’s eye to help remind you of your innate power and help manifest the future you want and deserve.

Whatever your mind, body and spirit need, there is a crystal that can help you connect with that desire. Explore our shop for the best crystals for bath time to make the most of your bathing rituals.