9 Incredible Crystals for Confidence & Self-Love

Rose quartz in an abalone shell for love

There are numerous ways crystals can help you, but if you’re looking for crystals to help support your confidence and self-love, you’re in the right place. Confidence and self-love are two things we often struggle with due to traumas and hurtful experiences early in life, and learning to find our confidence and worthiness from within is often a life-long pursuit. That’s not to say you can’t find high levels of confidence and self-love soon, it’s just that it takes work and consistent self-love to maintain it through the ups and downs of life.

Crystals are the perfect way to support the inner work you are doing and hold some of the energy for you, especially when you feel weak. It’s relatively easy to find confidence and self-love when everything is going right for us, but it’s when times are tough that you often need to lean on your crystals for support. So, which crystals are best for confidence and self-love? Read on to learn more.

9 Best Crystals for Confidence & Self-Love

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Crystal Chips

Rose quartz is a crystal well known for being the crystal of love and the heart and connects solely with the heart chakra. Rose quartz is a beautiful soft, baby pink color that is simply calming and beautiful to surround yourself with. Energetically, rose quartz helps you heal past relationship wounds (of all kinds) and help you source self-worth and self-love from within.



Citrine Crystal Chips

Citrine is often known as the “lucky” stone, but its uses go far beyond bringing good luck. Citrine is a deep, honey-colored stone that connects with the solar plexus and crown chakras. It helps you connect more deeply with your spiritual self, clearing toxic and negative energies. It can help you connect more deeply with your true self and find clarity around how you should move forward through the path of least resistance.

The rich, warm energy of citrine also helps you to move past self-doubt and do things that scare you – the things you know will help you find a greater level of life satisfaction. Citrine is an ideal stone to wear or carry if you’re going into a situation in which you feel insecure, and know you will be judged or even openly criticized, such as family events, job interviews and evaluations, and events where you’re required to stand in front of a large group.


This stone has strong natural pink tones and connects with the root, solar plexus, and heart chakras to help ground you and find your self-love and worthiness from within. The stone is found on almost every continent and so is readily available.

Rhodochrosite helps you source your inner peace from within and clear those negative voices that pipe up to keep us small. These voices are often those of people from our past who spoke down to us or made us feel like we were worthless, even if it sounds like our own inner voice. It can also be the voice of our subconscious trying to keep us safe, as while we know life can be better if we move forward and change, our primitive brain always wants to stay safe with what we know, even if it’s not a good situation for us.

Rhodochrosite gives you the self-compassion to reconnect with your younger self, rebalance your emotions, and move past those voices.


Rhodonite Tumbled Stone

This stone is incredibly eye-catching, with pink and red tones splashed with deep black and brown. Rhodonite connects with the heart and root chakras to ground you and help you connect with a deeper sense of self-love. This stone helps you find more balance in your emotions, so can be even more beneficial for signs like cancers who experience a lot of emotional volatility.

Rhodonite will clear and activate the heart chakra, helping you move past and deal with current painful situations, as well as upsetting memories you’re still holding on to. This crystal has nurturing energy, so if you’re someone who freely gives to others and finds themselves too depleted to properly love and care for themselves, then this stone is the perfect companion.


Kunzite is another soft, nurturing stone that is often translucent shades of pink, lilac, and gray. This stone connects deeply with the heart chakra to help you create deeper, more meaningful relationships in your life, without becoming vulnerable. It helps you overcome a lack of self-belief and feelings of not being good enough, so you can walk freely through your life.

Kunzite is a great companion if you’re working on increasing your confidence and avoiding self-sabotaging your life, especially in areas of love and success. It will help you better connect with your true self and discover what will truly create a meaningful life for you, free of other people’s opinions.


Turquoise Crystal Chips

If you often feel unable to speak up or as though you can’t imagine speaking in a certain situation, you likely have some emotional memories and wounds that are blocking your throat chakra. If we don’t learn to clear this block, it is almost impossible to find true confidence and self-acceptance, because we are unable to voice our opinions and desires freely.

Turquoise is one of the most recognizable stones due to its strong, aqua green-blue color, with dark and light veins running through it. Turquoise is readily available all over the world and is well known for its positive properties.

Turquoise helps us clear the throat chakra so we feel able to speak, and then further clear the negative thoughts and opinions that can be reflected back at us when we do so. If you find you often feel blocked and unable to speak freely, try wearing turquoise as a necklace close to your throat.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

Red jasper can feel a little too “fiery” for some, but for others, this is the perfect stone to help activate a more “badass” energy of self-love that moves you into a place of power from the place of a victim. Red jasper has a deep red color, similar to the blood that flows through our veins, and it connects with the root and sacral chakras.

Red jasper will keep you grounded while giving you that fiery energy that’s so necessary for erecting strong, healthy boundaries around your life, whether that be in romantic relationships, other relationships, work situations, or in all walks of life. Strong boundaries are essential to confidence and self-love, and this stone helps you have a “me first, then you” mentality which will ensure you don’t find yourself excessively giving to others, even when you haven’t got enough for yourself.


Malachite is another stone that aids in taking on new energy and going through a transformation. Malachite has a beautiful, rich green color with lighter shades of green running through it. This stone connects with the heart and throat chakra, helping you to prioritize yourself. It has an energy that promotes that “me first, then you” mentality while grounding yourself in the natural world. If you often nurture others and forget to care for yourself or find yourself saying yes every time someone asks you to do something, without first checking in with yourself to see if it’s something you truly want to do, malachite is a great stone to welcome into your life.

Malachite can help you move smoothly through difficult transformations, such as going from someone who puts others first to someone with strong boundaries. Use malachite or keep it close by when you are discovering and building these new boundaries around yourself to protect your energy. Malachite will help you remember that you can give more powerfully when you put your energy first and protect it as the sacred energy it really is.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone

Clear quartz is a clear, pure stone that can help you cleanse negative energies and heal from past hurt and trauma. It can also act as a magnifier for other stones, so it is an essential stone for many who work with multiple stones at a time.

Clear quartz will help you balance your emotions and experience fewer mood swings, connect more deeply with your spiritual energy, and clear mental fog and all those thoughts that cloud the clarity you need to find deeper satisfaction in life. It is the perfect stone to use while doing guided meditations or undergoing hypnosis therapy because it can help you clear the inner communication pathways and keep out noisy thoughts so you can experience the deepest form of transformation from the work you are doing. Remember to cleanse this crystal regularly to keep its energy pure.

How should I use my crystals for confidence and self-love?

There are numerous ways you can use your crystals for more confidence and self-love, and you’ll likely need to experiment to find which suits and soothes you. Some ways to consider are:

  • Buy Mala beads to touch while meditating, repeating affirmations, or praying (in whatever form that takes for you)
  • Place the crystals over your chakras while meditating (such as placing a Citrine over your crown chakra or resting rose quartz over your heart)
  • Wear your crystals as jewelry
  • Place them in meaningful places for you, such as beside your bed, around your bath or shower, or where you work
  • Use them during cleansing rituals
  • Use them with candle rituals
  • Hold them in your hand while meditating
  • Carry them with you in your bag or pocket on days you feel unworthy or are battling a lot of negative self-talk

Using crystals for confidence and self-love can be truly powerful, so use the stones that sound like they best suit your current life stage and call to you. Remember to cleanse your crystals (by leaving them out in moonlight, washing them, or another method) regularly, especially as you up-level or face backlash from people who are unwilling to transform with you or even actively tear you down as they see you rise. The crystals on this list will help you protect your heart in these situations and move forward freely, letting go of these people or distancing yourself from them or the situations that put you around them with bravery.