8 Best Crystals for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Stress

Smokey quartz crystal points for stress

Many people use crystals to ease the feeling of anxiety and loss of control. Panic attacks are unpredictable, and when we’re anxious, we often can’t see the signs leading up to one. You might be going about your business, and suddenly you might feel your heartbeat quicken; you might start to sweat and feel like the panic is taking over.

Millions of people globally suffer from anxiety, and while it’s important to seek medical advice if you experience regular panic attacks, it’s important we each find our own way to cope. Sometimes, an alternative approach can help, particularly for those who wish to heal themselves spiritually and energetically. If you’re thinking about trying crystals to help ease feelings of panic and stress, read on to discover those to add to your shopping list.

8 Best Crystals to Use to Ease Panic Attacks, Anxiety, and Stress

1)    Amethyst

Amethyst is also known as the stone of spirituality and contentment. It’s a wonderful all-around healer and is known to balance emotions and calm the nerves during stressful times. This stone is native to India, Sri Lanka, Siberia, the UK and many countries across Africa.  

Many believe that the Amethyst stone connects with the wearer’s third eye and crown chakra, both of which are responsible for wisdom, enlightenment, psychic abilities and universal consciousness. The third eye and crown chakras are often associated with the color purple or violet, connecting them further with the Amethyst stone’s purple hues.

To use Amethyst for stress and panic, place the stone in an area where you need more calm and balance. For example, if you feel the most stress related to your work, try placing Amethyst on your desk at work, under your monitor, carrying it in your pocket, or wearing it as jewelry. Amethyst can absorb negative energies, and focusing on the stone in times of stress can help us relax and feel more balanced. However you choose to use it, be sure to cleanse it regularly. 

2)    Rhodonite

This pink and black stone is the lesser-known stone of love. Its energies vibrate outwards and promote self-love and self-confidence. Rhodonite is said to evoke joy and peace for the wearer. Many people place rhodonite underneath their pillows, wear them as jewelry or meditate with them to gain clarity in times of need.

Rhodonite can help translate the imagery of your meditations or dreams, bringing them down to an earthly level and making them easier to understand. If you’re combining stones, rhodonite works well with any heart stone, but it harmonizes most effectively with Rose Quartz and Emerald.

Rhodonite has comforting qualities and can help you feel stronger by reducing nervousness. It’s a great stone to wear or carry when you know you’re going into a situation that will make you anxious, such as an appointment, interview, or another anxiety-inducing situation.

3)    Smokey Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a talisman of the root chakra, responsible for feeling grounded, safe and secure. This dark crystal is believed to neutralize energy and balance one’s emotions. This mysterious-looking crystal can be comforting and calming if you’re suffering from excessive empathy, mental strain, anxiety, grief and emotional blockages. Smokey Quartz is used to relieve tension, fear, sorrow, anxiety, jealousy, and anger by transmuting them into helpful energy. 

Many find Smokey Quartz is best worn or carried in times of extreme stress when you’re going through big, life-changing events. It’s also a great stone for those who work in people-focused professions who need to protect their energy from those of others.

4)    Amazonite

With soothing tones of blue and green, Amazonite calms the soul and brings harmony and balance. Named after the Amazon river, this crystal is powerful and bold, like the fearless women warriors connected to it. It also quells aggression and irrationality, earning its name as the stone of courage and truth. Amazonite empowers us to move beyond the fear of being judged or confronted. Many believe that it helps the user set clear boundaries with others and themselves and express their thoughts and feelings without confusion. It promotes integrity within oneself and an ability to speak out about injustices. 

Amazonite is often used by those who have just suffered a trauma or injury as it can help with cell regeneration and convalescence. It’s also an ideal stone for those ready to step into a new leadership role in their lives, such as a managerial role or starting a business. If you feel a lot of stress around setting clear boundaries, wearing or spending time with this stone can help you feel stronger.

5)    Rose Quartz

This stone is often referred to as the love stone as it promotes unconditional love for oneself, one’s partner, friends and family. Rose Quartz connects to the heart chakra, opening it up to forgiveness, reconciliation and empathy following a dispute or argument.

 Rose Quartz is often used by those who have suffered the loss of a mother or mother figure as it emanates nurturing, motherly energy. It’s also used by those with respiratory or heart issues as it can stabilize palpitations and heart weakness. If you’re anxious about your relationship, a friendship or a sense of self-love, Rose Quartz is a great crystal to meditate with. Consider wearing it when going through dark periods in your life to help you offer yourself compassion.

6)    Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a great grounding crystal for staying positive during periods of worry and emotional strain. It may sound cliche, but the best way to soothe a worried mind is to “get out of your head” for a while. You can do this by reconnecting to your Black tourmaline’s root chakra energy and letting it absorb the negativity you wish to rid yourself of. Black Tourmaline is most effective when worn as a bracelet on the left-hand side of your body. By doing this, you’ll benefit from its protective energy, keeping you level-headed and optimistic throughout the day.

7)    Kyanite

While Kyanite isn’t a well-known crystal, it can bring comfort in times of stress and panic. This beautiful white and blue stone connects to all the chakras, particularly the throat and third eye chakra. Any stone that resonates with the throat chakra can help the user to speak clearly, removing any energetic blockages associated with communication and expression.

Kyanite is ideal for anyone who suffers from low self-esteem and, unlike most other crystals, doesn’t absorb negative energy and doesn’t require cleansing. Try wearing Kyanite as a necklace if you are going into a situation where you know you will find it difficult to speak up for yourself.

8)    Citrine

As its name suggests, Citrine is a soft yellow-orange color. This crystal contains a solar quality of energy and connects with the solar plexus chakra. Citrine is a popular crystal in Chinese culture, and many believe that it can help attract feng shui and good financial luck. Citrine is great for those who struggle with anxiety and stress as it promotes a stronger sense of self-esteem and brings about a cheerful, optimistic feeling in the wearer. 

Try placing Citrine around your desk at work, bed, wear it, or meditate with it to bring more calm, reduce the chance of panic attacks, and help you attract more financial wellbeing.

How can I use crystals to help with my anxiety and panic attacks?

Crystals can be a low-risk natural treatment for anxiety as they don’t require you to use any medication or cause any side effects. 

Here are some ways you can use crystals to relieve stress and anxiety:

  • Meditate with calming crystals like Caribbean Calcite – hold them or place them on your body can ease the mental strain and help you relax.
  • Worry stones are a popular tool for those with anxiety. Many people rub, hold and turn them in their hands as part of a comforting, meditative practice. 
  • Placing transformative crystals around your home or workplace can turn negative energy into positivity, and this will benefit anyone who enters the room.
  • Bringing some small crystals in your luggage can help if you struggle with travel anxiety. Knowing they’re in your luggage may help you feel safe and protected in an unfamiliar environment. 

As well as meditating with crystals, it can also help discuss your problems with your loved ones. Many people believe that expressing or sharing a worry can reduce its intensity, whether that’s sitting down for a chat, writing in a diary or using a creative skill to express these feelings. Hold protective crystals if you are worried about what the other person will say, as they will help you keep a protective barrier between you and the other person’s energy.