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How Are Crystals Used for Healing?

The use of crystals in healing dates to ancient times. Ancient Sumeria, Egypt, China, Greece and Rome are only some places where people used healing crystals as a form of medical treatment. This practice continues today and has become widespread as more and more people prefer alternative forms of healing.

The human body has chi, or energy, traveling throughout the body constantly. Chi includes emotional, physical, spiritual and mental energies. Healing crystals can influence and help align a person’s energy to achieve better flow without blockages, resulting in feeling better overall. Crystals aid in drawing in positive energies and dispelling negative energies.

There are several methods people use to gain the healing effects of crystals:

  • Reiki practitioners often use healing crystals during treatments. Crystals are chosen based on the patient’s symptoms and positioned close to the chakras to assist in balancing them.
  • Some people use crystals as worry stones, holding them and rubbing them to help focus their intention to heal themselves.
  • A collection of healing crystals for self-care is sometimes kept in a bag that can be placed in a pocket, a purse or under a pillow — so that they can be kept nearby for continual benefit.

At myfaireden, we carry many types of healing crystals in various forms to allow users to choose what works best for them.


What Does MyFairEden Offer?

Myfaireden has crystals for sale in an array of different forms. Our selection of crystals works well in conjunction with balancing chakras. Because we know that our customers have their own preferences when they shop crystals online.


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