At myfaireden, we are dedicated to creating a safe haven for our customers by offering the best in healing crystal jewelry. Our shop is all about spiritual healing and self-love, and we wish to pass those powers on to anyone who seeks empowerment of the soul. Whether this is your first time dealing with healing crystals or you’re a seasoned professional, we’re glad you’re here and we’re happy you chose us to be a part of your journey.

About Our Products

Everything we do at myfaireden is aimed at improving your life. Our wide variety of crystal products offer something unique for you. This includes:

  • Chakra – Find the strength you need from deep within your soul with the healing power of chakra. These stones can be found in a necklace, pendant, car ornament or bracelet.
  • Crystal Bracelets – Our crystal bracelets are simple, yet powerful. Some are polished to perfection, while others contain a raw crystal.
  • Crystal Necklaces – When you need a mood boost, these beaded necklaces, each paired with a stone pendant, will do the trick. You’ll find calm, self-love and tranquility among our collection.
  • Crystal Points – From a Rose Quartz Point that heals a broken heart to a Tiger’s Eye Point that inspires willpower, our crystal points come in many varieties.
  • Diffusers – Pairing essential oils with healing stones creates a power of its own. Our diffusers come in various bracelet and necklace styles.
  • Distance Bracelets – When someone in your life is physically distant, you can remain emotionally close with a set of distance bracelets. The different stones represent different types of healing energies that bring individuals together.
  • Malas – Typically used for meditation and prayer, our malas will help anyone calm down. Products come as prayer beads, necklaces and bracelets.
  • Wrap Bracelets – Our wrap bracelets feature a compilation of beads wrapped in leather. The 5 Strand Amazonite will bring you good luck, the Sunflower will help you reflect on positivity and the many others provide various other healing energies.

Why Shop With Us?

When you need a powerful way to heal from the inside out, crystal jewelry is the least invasive and most effective solution. Myfaireden was not built for the purpose of creating an empire; rather, our purpose was to share the self-love and spiritual healing we have experienced on our own. Our healing crystals and gems are empowering, and when used properly can help you overcome a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual hurdles.

Each stone is given proper respect as we create the products you love. Each has a specific purpose and a direct intention. If you are having a hard time figuring out which stones are best for your situation, we detail the purpose of every product we offer. If you’re still unsure, just get in touch and we’ll help you because we want you to experience for yourself the life-changing effects of healing crystals.